Outgoing Call Barred

Outgoing Call Barred:

Call Barring is a handy feature that puts you in control of the calls you make and take. You can choose BT Call Barring from our BT Business calling features when you join us. Or add Call Barring any time by contacting us. Call Barring on incoming calls stops your phone from receiving any call. And you can also use Call Barring on outgoing calls to stop types of calls being made from your phone.

How to Stop Outgoing Calls Barred?

Are your outgoing calls barred? If so, you are not alone. Many people are experiencing this problem, and if you want to stop these annoying calls, there are a couple of things you can do. Depending on your phone service provider, you can choose to block all incoming or all outgoing calls. To do this,

  • open your phone app and click on the hamburger menu at the top right corner.
  • From there, choose the supplementary service.
  • In this menu, you can find call barring.
  • Once you do, you can choose whether to bar any or all outgoing calls.


If you are using a BSNL SIM card, you may have come across a BSNL call barring issue. This problem occurs when you are not paying the outstanding bill. Generally, this happens when you reach 7 days after the due date. However, you can regain your outgoing facility once you make the payment at the CSC counters. In such situations, you can ask for the help of customer care executives.

To know if your BSNL outgoing calls have been barred, you must check the default call blocking codes provided by your service provider. Usually, these codes are a simple string of numbers. Typically, the password is the carrier’s customer service number. SMS shortcodes and USSD codes are useful for checking your GPRS/2G/3G data usage balance and validity. You can also contact BSNL customer service representatives through USSD codes to get technical support.


If you’re using an MTNL landline, you may have noticed that your outgoing calls are barred. The reason is that MTNL has a dynamic locking system that locks all calls to a single line. This prevents others from misusing your phone and keeps unwanted calls from reaching your phone. To keep your caller ID private, use option ‘1’ to block all outgoing calls.

The communications ministry recently issued a circular stating that starting January 15 all fixed-line-to-mobile calls will have a ‘0’ prefix. This change does not affect the dialing plan for mobile-to-fixed calls. It will also affect incoming calls. In the meantime, telcos must feed auto-announcements into their fixed-line switches so that they remind landline users to prefix mobile numbers.


Have you noticed that your MTN outgoing calls have been barred? If so, you’re not alone. More people are facing this issue, and thankfully there are ways to solve this problem. MTN has an app available on both the Android and IOS stores. Installing this app will unbar your outgoing lines automatically. Simply dial *109# to get help, and then enter your NIN and first and last names to get assistance. Once you’ve successfully submitted your NIN, you can resume making outgoing calls with your GLO sim.

MTN call barring is an option available to all prepaid subscribers. To activate it, you simply dial the shortcode 0000 and follow the prompts. Once the code is entered, your outgoing calls will be barred. You can also block your incoming calls to your number of choice. This service is free, and you can use it for any purpose you want. If you’re worried about unwanted calls, the MTN call barring feature will stop them.


Call barring is a feature of a cell phone that allows you to set restrictions on outgoing and incoming calls. Once you activate call barring on your Airtel cell phone, you will no longer be able to use your phone for making or receiving calls. You can also restrict the use of data and SMS on your Airtel mobile. To find out if your calls are barred, you can call *#351 or 1234 to get the status of the call.

In order to activate this service, you need to dial the call barring password, which you will be prompted with when you set up the call barring on your Airtel sim. The default password is 0000. After you have entered the password, press OK to confirm. Then, you can turn on or disable call barring by entering the password again. You can also use the USSD code to view the last five calls made on your Airtel sim.


Are your Yettel outgoing calls barred? If so, you may have overdue debts. To solve this problem, you can opt for Yettel’s Overdue Debt Service. This service is a way to clear off your overdue debts without paying roaming charges. The fee is 0.60 BGN and does not depend on the period you use the service or the number of calls you make. It applies to every number that is overdue. Before signing up, you must fill out a form in your local Yettel store.

Another feature is the Moj Yettel app, available for both Android and iOS devices. This app enables you to pay your bill online and manage your digital services. You can easily manage your prepaid and postpaid numbers from the app. You can also check the remaining minutes, MBs, and SMS, as well as manage your monthly billing. With the app, you can manage your outgoing calls as well as your incoming ones and even pay for SMS or MBs on the go.



When you’re barred from making incoming or outgoing calls, you can turn off MTS’s call blocking service. The service can be disabled by visiting the company’s website or calling its contact center. Before disconnecting the service, be sure to read the terms and conditions. There are also certain combinations that you can use to enable and disable the call blocking service. Below we’ll explain each of these options.


Encoding is another way to limit unwanted calls. The Encoding specifies which kind of disconnection to make. You can specify which type of disconnection you want to disable when you connect to a service. It’s important to enter the code correctly or risk having your service disconnect. Entering the code incorrectly will result in your service being halted, but you won’t be reimbursed. Encoding also allows you to block a part of an outgoing number, such as an international phone number.


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