Jazz Outgoing Call Unlock Code Postpaid

Jazz Outgoing Call Unlock Code Postpaid:

If you want to block unwanted calls and SMS messages, download the Jazz Call & SMS Blocker. It costs only $0.99 (including tax) per day and supports up to 50 numbers. If you want to block a specific number from both lists, you have to add it twice. Then, you can unsubscribe from the blacklist. However, you have to remember that it does not block incoming calls. So, read the article to get information on this Jazz Outgoing Call Unlock Code Postpaid.

Unsubscribe from Mobilink blacklist service:

If you’ve been receiving unwanted calls on your Mobilink phone, you’re probably wondering how to unsubscribe from Mobilink’s blacklist service. You can block calls and SMS by calling *420# and selecting option 3. The dial code menu will automatically add a blacklisted number to your contacts, but you can activate the blacklist service to block calls from people you want to avoid. Mobilink customers can choose from a list of up to 20 numbers to block.


To unsubscribe from the blacklist service, simply dial *420#. You can also opt to block specific numbers by replying to the prompt with “5” or “4”. Then, you can check if a number is on your blacklist by dialing *420# and replying with option “2.” If the number is not on your blacklist, you can unblock it by dialing *420# and selecting the option “6.”

Unsubscribe from Mobilink call & SMS blocker:

Mobilink is offering a Call & SMS Block service. This service helps you block unwanted SMS or calls by enabling you to set a Black List or White List for a particular number. There are several handy features that you can enjoy using this service. However, you should note that this service only works for prepaid customers. So, if you want to unsubscribe from the call & SMS blocker service, you will have to subscribe to it.

The service is automatically renewed for as long as your balance remains at least Rs. 20. You can add or remove numbers from the list at any time during this period. You can also subscribe to the service by dialing *420#. When you unsubscribe, the block list will be removed and you will need to subscribe to it again to keep the service. Then, you can unsubscribe from it again.

How to Unsubscribe Call and SMSs from Jazz?

  • To unsubscribe from Mobilink call & text blocker, you can either use the Jazz drive app or text message “unsubscribe” to 6611 to deactivate the service.
  • Or, you can manually send the text message “unsubscribe” to 6611, and the system will reply with a list of offers.
  • This will save you the trouble of receiving unsolicited messages.


If you are wondering how to unsubscribe from Mobilink call & text blocker, there are two ways to go about it. You can either subscribe to it or not by dialing *420#. You should check the terms and conditions before signing up for the service.

Make sure you check with your operator to make sure you can unsubscribe without any hassles. Once you have unsubscribed, the Jazz franchise authority will take back all the services you have previously purchased.

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