Jazz Incoming Call Unlock Code

Mobilink Jazz Incoming Call Unlock Code:

If you are facing a problem with the incoming calls on your Mobilink Jazz mobile, then read this article. In this article, you will learn about Jazz sim number check and how to unlock/reset the PUK code on this mobile. Furthermore, you will learn how to add more numbers to the list of blocked numbers. If you still cannot find the number you are looking for, then just call your friends and ask them to check the number for you.

Mobilink Jazz incoming call block service:

Mobilink Jazz’s incoming call block service works by blocking calls from specific phone numbers. You can add up to 50 numbers to your list before the service blocks them. The final number in your list will be automatically changing. This service works for prepaid customers and unblocks 50 numbers at a time.

If you have trouble blocking a specific number, contact the Mobilink customer care center. You can also call the Jazz customer care number 111 to block a specific number. You can also block calls and SMS from numbers you do not want to receive. It is a very useful feature that is available for most mobile phones. You can also block promotional SMS and block unknown number calls. Mobilink Jazz incoming call block service unlock code

Checking Jazz sim number:

If you’ve forgotten your Jazz sim number, you can check it by dialing *99# from your phone. Press the call icon and the number will appear on your phone’s screen. Alternatively, you can send MNP to 667 to find out the owner’s name and activation date. Either way, this is a free and convenient way to check the details of a Jazz SIM. You can even use this method to check a friend’s number!

The first way is to send a text message to 667. If you’re on a landline, you can also use this method. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can call the helpline of Jazz to get the number. An operator will ask you for your name, CNIC number, and connection type. Then, you can use the number to check whether it is registered with the CNIC or not.

Resetting/unlocking Jazz PUK code:

If you are looking for information about resetting/unlocking the Jazz PUK code, you’ve come to the right place. Most cell phones are protected by PIN codes, and to unlock them, you must enter the PUK code. You may not be aware that you can have up to three attempts. If you’re locked out of your phone after this number, you can get a new one by following these instructions.


If you’ve lost or misplaced your Jazz PUK code, there are a few ways to get it back. First, contact Mobilink customer service. They can provide you with a temporary code to unlock your phone until you can get it unlocked. Make sure you have the PUK code available. This code may be different on different models. However, you should make sure you have it before trying to unlock your Jazz.

Adding more numbers to the list of blocked numbers:

To add more numbers to the list of blocked numbers on your Jazz phone, you must first block 50 numbers on the list of incoming calls and SMS. Once you block 50 numbers, your number will replace automatically. You can add more numbers to the list by dialing *420#. Also, you will be charged 1PKR per number added to the blacklist. You can add more than 50 numbers to the block list and still keep the other numbers in the list.

Once you’ve blocked the 50 numbers, you can add more by dialing *420#. If you’re concerned about spam calls, you can also unsubscribe from the blacklist. To unsubscribe, dial *420# and press option “4”. After that, you can check the list of blocked numbers and add or remove them at any time. You can also unblock blocked numbers by dialing *420# and replying to option “6”.

Resolving problems with Jazz PUK code:

If you’ve had trouble unlocking your phone, you’re not the only one! You’re probably also wondering how you can get your PUK code for Jazz. You’ll need to call the network and explain your situation, then request a PUK/PIN code. There are several options available for you, including dialing 111, requesting the code, or calling the Jazz help desk.


The first option is to try calling the company’s helpline. This number is available 24/7. When you call, a customer care representative will ask for your name and phone number to verify your identity. Once the representative has verified your identity, you will be provided with your Jazz PUK code. However, make sure that you enter the code exactly as it is written. You don’t want to block yourself from getting your phone in the future.

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