Easy Call Customer Service Number

Easy Call Customer Service Number:

Easy call customer service number provides profitable retail prepaid programs through point-of-sale (ePOS) technology. It is a turnkey solution for distributors, ISOs, retailers, carriers, and service providers.

Customers want top-tier support and are willing to pay more for it. EasyCall’s cloud software allows businesses to efficiently manage incoming calls and improve customer satisfaction.

EasyCall Cloud:

EasyCall Cloud is a cloud-based solution that allows call centers to manage inbound and outbound calls. Its features include a predictive dialer, call recording, appointment management, real-time reporting, and more. It is also GDPR-compliant and provides data security and encryption in the cloud. The software is available in multiple languages and can be accessed via mobile devices.

The customer care software from the easy call cloud allows businesses to efficiently manage incoming calls and improve customer service. It enables users to create IVR systems and call queues that help them respond quickly to calls. It also helps businesses track all unanswered calls and dynamically manage operators based on call spikes.

The solution offers maximum scalability and flexibility for the administration of online call centers. It offers clear prices for jobs, voice recharges, and geographic numbers and guarantees ready-to-use VoIP lines with advantageous rates for national and international calls over landlines and mobile phones. The platform also provides a flexible user interface for working from home or the office.

EasyCall Shopify:

Customer support is a vital component of your Shopify store. Providing top-tier customer service can help you increase customer retention and revenue. However, you may not have the resources to hire a dedicated team or the time to respond to customer inquiries. Fortunately, there are several ways to provide support without spending too much money.


With EasyCall, you can add a click-to-call widget to your store and connect to customers worldwide for free. The app also allows you to buy a business phone number and create a virtual call center. You can also add a call-back button to your site and customize the form to capture the preferred date and time for your customer’s call.

This app is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with your Shopify website. It provides you with various options to manage your customers, such as tagging them, importing and exporting their information, and setting up GDPR compliance. It also supports multiple languages and can be used in international stores.

EasyCall Gorgias:

Gorgias is an all-in-one customer service solution for e-commerce businesses. Its live chat feature helps e-commerce businesses build strong relationships with their customers through instant messaging. It also offers a range of automation for workflow and customer support. In addition, it provides a visual-builder interface to help you create your first chatbot.

Gorgias provides advanced helpdesk features, including email integration, autoresponders, call recording, and ticket management to aid e-commerce businesses in solving customer queries. Its powerful automation tools can save e-commerce businesses time and money and increase their customer satisfaction.

Despite its great features, some users complain about the software’s limitations. One such user is Cozy Earth, a Utah-based luxury sleep brand. They were facing problems with their landline phone system and small office space as they grew rapidly.

They wanted to improve their customer service process but were unsure how to do it. Enter Aircall, a telephony app that integrates with Gorgias. It offers local phone numbers in over 45 countries to increase recognition and customer loyalty.

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