Vodacom Price Plans Explained

Vodacom Price Plans Explained

Vodacom’s Smart Plans offer top-of-the-range smartphones, large allocations of voice minutes and data, and unlimited SMSes. They also offer first-class service and VIP treatment. So, read the article to get information on these Vodacom Price Plans Explained.

The RED plans are a little more comprehensive, offering contract rewards and other perks. These include the Data Sharing SIM service, which allows customers to link up to four additional prepaid data SIM cards to their primary contract.

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  1. Prepaid Plans:
    • Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG): With this plan, you purchase airtime in advance and use it as needed. Calls, texts, and data usage are deducted from your airtime balance.
    • Prepaid Bundles: Vodacom often offers bundles that include a combination of minutes, SMS, and data at a fixed price. These bundles can provide cost savings compared to PAYG rates.
  2. Postpaid Plans:
    • Contract Plans: These are monthly plans where you sign a contract for a fixed term (usually 12 to 24 months). Contract plans typically include a specific amount of minutes, SMS, and data per month. You receive a bill at the end of the month based on your usage and plan cost.
    • Top-Up Plans: These are postpaid plans where you pay in advance for a specific amount of airtime and data. Once your top-up amount is used up, you can either top up again or switch to a different plan.
  3. Hybrid Plans:
    • Smart Plans: These are a combination of prepaid and postpaid services. You pay a fixed monthly fee for a certain amount of services (minutes, SMS, data), and if you exceed those limits, the additional usage is billed separately or deducted from your prepaid balance.
  4. Specialized Plans:
    • Data Plans: Vodacom offers various data-specific plans for users who primarily use mobile data for internet browsing, streaming, and other online activities.
    • Family Plans: Some plans offer shared data and minutes among multiple devices or family members.
    • International Roaming Plans: If you travel internationally, Vodacom may offer specialized plans for cost-effective roaming services.


  1. Add-Ons and Extras:
    • Vodacom often provides options to purchase add-ons, such as extra data or international calling minutes, to supplement your plan and avoid overage charges.
    • Content services, such as music streaming or video streaming, might also be available as add-ons.
  2. Promotions and Offers:
    • Vodacom frequently introduces promotional offers, discounts, and special deals on both prepaid and postpaid plans. These can include bonus data, reduced rates, and more.

When considering a Vodacom price plan, here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Usage Patterns: Consider how much you use your phone for calls, texting, and data. Choose a plan that aligns with your usage habits.
  • Budget: Evaluate your monthly budget and choose a plan that offers the right balance of services at an affordable cost.
  • Contract Terms: If opting for a contract plan, review the contract terms, including the contract duration and any early termination fees.
  • Coverage: Check the network coverage in your area to ensure that you’ll receive reliable service.

1. Smart S:

Vodacom has recently slashed its once-off prepaid mobile data bundles, making them cheaper than ever before. This allows your money to go further when buying a Vodacom recharge plan, allowing you to surf, stream and download for longer. You can compare all the available Vodacom once-off mobile data bundles and their rates using Monito’s recharge comparison engine.

The network has also recently revamped its RED contract plans to include more perks and rewards for subscribers. It’s now offering RED Flexi and RED Core options which feature a range of perks including the VodaBucks Store, Contract Rewards, Video Ticket, Theft Cover, and more.

These perks come in addition to the benefits already included with the plan such as free 4G data, cheaper calls during off-peak times, and Vodacom’s Smart S Light tariff which offers 100MB of monthly data. If you’re not interested in a contract plan but want to stay with the network, you can do so by choosing one of its own-brand devices such as the Smart Kicka or the Smart Tab 3G. Both have been very popular with South African consumers since they were launched in August last year, selling over a million units each. Microsoft also unveiled its low-cost Lumia 535 smartphone this week, a device that will cost R1 699 on prepaid with the network.

2. Smart M:

The Smart M price plan offers voice and data in one package. It comes with 350 minutes, 1GB of data, and 100 SMS at a cost of R299 per month. This is ideal for light phones and data users who do not need to be on the go all the time.

Vodacom has tweaked its Smart and Red plans in recent months to align allocations more closely with usage. In other words, the company had to recognize that its legacy plan allocations were quite frankly miserly. This is why, for example, the bundled data on its Smart L+ plan has more than doubled to 500MB.

As a result, Vodacom’s mobile data revenue is growing faster than its total service revenue. The move comes at a time when it is trying to diversify its revenues in the face of falling traditional phone sales.


It also has its sights on expanding its M-Pesa mobile payments platform beyond money transfers and into areas like micro-lending, mobile insurance, and on-demand video services.

These new services are helping the company to diversify its income and improve its financial results. However, the new offerings have not yet been able to offset the decline in traditional phone sales. In fact, the company’s headline service revenue in South Africa fell 0.3% for the six months to September.

3. Smart L:

Vodacom has a range of contract price plans that offer varying amounts of data, minutes, and SMS, as well as contract lengths. These work by allowing customers to pay a monthly fee for the use of a smartphone device and a specified allocation of voice, SMS, and data.

All RED plans include free access to the VodaBucks store and six months of Amazon Prime Video for qualifying users. They also come with a range of perks such as the uChoose plan feature, the My 5 special (which lets you talk to your top five friends for an hour), free Vodacom Power Hour, and the uMadio video streaming service.

The Smart L price plans are aimed at heavy internet users who want a high data allocation but don’t mind capped data speeds. These plans are R759 per month x 24 and include 1.2GB data, 600 any network anytime minutes, and unlimited SMSes.

When it comes to comparing these prices with those of other operators, Vodacom still lags behind the competition – particularly MTN and Telkom, who have a number of integrated plans that have been designed to take advantage of the data services market inquiry’s recommendations to lower mobile data pricing. MTN’s Red More Data, for example, offers more bundled voice minutes than the Vodacom Smart L plan, as well as significantly more data.

4. Smart XL:

Earlier this year, Vodacom overhauled its Smart and Red integrated contract plans, increasing bundled minutes, SMSs, and data allocations significantly. The higher-end ‘Red’ plans went from three options prior to the revamp to six and now range from R749 per month (excluding a device subsidy) to as low as R2 099 per month. The new ‘Red Core’ and ‘Red VIP’ plans also include the option to add up to four additional data SIMs to your contract, ideal for families or groups of friends that need data on multiple devices.

RED Flexi and Core plans offer free Amazon Prime Video for six months, while RED VIP is the most comprehensive plan on offer with a screen cover and the RED Rewards Club plus video ticket data. The ‘Night Owl’ bonus data on the RED Core plans is also a nice touch for those who want their internet to last longer at night – just log into Netflix or another streaming service and unwind with a series or movie.

For more info on these prepaid mobile data packages, check out the Vodacom prepaid bundles page on Monito. Remember, that prepaid airtime and data expire after 90 days unless you recharge it again, so make sure to take advantage of our recharge comparison engine. It’s easy to find the best prepaid Vodacom bundle for you, and the latest rates and prices. Thank you for visiting our site to get information on this Vodacom Price Plans Explained.

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