Call Recording Announcement Disable

Google Dialer – Call Recording Announcement Disable:

If you’re using Google Dialer on your Android phone, you may have noticed a voice announcement that plays whenever you start or stop recording a call. This can be annoying, especially if you are trying to record a call for legal reasons. So, read the article to get information on this Call Recording Announcement Disable.

However, there is a way to disable this announcement. Read on to learn how to do so!

1. Go to Settings:

When you’re using Google Dialer on Android, it’s possible to disable the call recording announcement voice prompt. This feature is a part of Google’s ongoing effort to protect your privacy.

The voice announcement is annoying for many users and can deceive people into thinking that their calls are being recorded. However, you can easily disable it with a few simple steps.

To do so, download the TTSLexx app from the Play Store on your smartphone. Open it, and go to Settings.

Next, tap Text-to-speech output. You will need to change the Preferred engine to TTSLexx.

You can also use the TTSLexx app to disable the Call Recording Announcement on Xiaomi smartphones. It’s an easy process to do, and you won’t even need to clear the app’s data to do it!

2. Select Phone:

Call recording is a must-have for any business that handles sensitive information. It can help to gather evidence, ensure compliance, and even prevent crime.

It’s also a useful tool for quality control, especially for call centers that handle health or financial data. However, before you record a phone call, it’s important to ask for consent from the person you are talking to first.


Talkroute will remind you of this when you turn on recording, but it’s also possible to create an exclusion list or manually start and stop the recording mid-call.

If you want to always record selected numbers, select the ‘Recording’ button and tap ‘Always record.’ Then, tap ‘Add’ to add the numbers or contacts you’d like to have always recorded.

3. Select Recording:

Call recording can be a valuable tool for businesses and their employees. Recordings can be used for training new employees or as demos for new products and processes.

However, there are laws and regulations in different regions that require a certain level of consent from the other party before a call can be recorded. Therefore, it is essential to understand these rules.

Fortunately, there is an easy way to disable the “This call is being recorded” announcement on your phone.

To disable this feature on your Android device, you need to use a free app called TTSLexx. Install it from the Play Store and open its settings.

4. Select Disabled:

In life, we sometimes face situations that require us to record our calls as evidence. It’s also a good idea to record calls to avoid scams and other nefarious activities.

However, recording phone calls without informing all participants are illegal in some jurisdictions. Thankfully, Google Dialer lets you disable the call recording announcement in some places.

To do this, first, open the Google Dialer app and select Settings. Then, scroll down to Languages and input and choose Text-to-speech output.

Next, tap on the Preferred engine and change the value to TTSLexx from Speech Services by Google. This will swap the Text-to-Speech engine on your device, and result in the call recording warning gimmick being omitted from the audio file.

Now, you should be able to disable the call recording announcement on your Realme smartphone without any hassle. It’s likely that you won’t hear it again until the native Phone app refreshes its data or you restart your device.

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