How to Stop Call Recording Announcement in Oppo

How to Stop the Call Recording Announcement in Oppo Smartphones?

Oppo is a popular smartphone manufacturer. It also makes Blu-ray players, audio devices, rechargeable battery packs, and other electronics. The company operates in 50 nations. So, read the complete article to get information on this How to Stop Call Recording Announcement in Oppo?

Many OnePlus and Oppo phones record calls automatically, and a call recording announcement is played to notify the person on the other end of the phone that the conversation is being recorded. Fortunately, there is a way to disable this annoying feature.

1. Go to Settings:

Sometimes, you might want to record a phone call for legal reasons. But when you do, you don’t need the announcement “This call is being recorded” to play in the background. Here’s how to disable it in Oppo smartphones running ColorOS.

This method also works on other OPPO phones such as the Xiaomi Redmi, Vivo, and iQOO. In fact, it should work on any smartphone that uses Google Dialer or a Phone app. You may need to follow additional steps on the other smartphones. Those include setting up text-to-speech output, changing the Preferred Engine, and turning on Speech Services by Google. You will find these options in the Settings menu. To open the Phone app, tap the 3-dot overflow button and select Phone settings. This is in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Go to Additional Settings:

If you have a OnePlus phone, there’s an easy way to disable the “This call is now being recorded” announcement. Simply install the ported ColorOS dialer app ODialer, make it your default phone dialer, and grant all required permissions. Then, go to Settings and turn off the Call Recording option.

This method works on all smartphones running Google Dialer, including those with custom skins like OnePlus’ OxygenOS and Realme’s ColorOS. It also works on other Android phones such as those from Samsung, Vivo, and iQOO. First, download the TTSLexx app from the Play Store. When the app launches, it will warn you that it’ll disable Google’s call recording announcement. Click OK. Then, go to Settings and open the “About Phone” tab. Find the “Build number” or “Version” option and tap it seven times. You’ll see a message on the screen saying you’ve enabled Developer Options.

3. Go to Text-to-Speech Output:

If you don’t want to hear the call recording announcement on your Android phone, there is a simple trick that can help. It works for most Google Dialer-based phones, including Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme, and Xiaomi smartphones.

It’s important to note that this method disables the automatic call recording feature, so you will have to manually record calls on your own if you want them saved. However, it’s a great way to get rid of the annoying “This call is being recorded” announcement without sacrificing your privacy.


Open the Settings app and navigate to ‘Languages & input’ and then ‘Text-to-speech output’. From there, change the preferred engine to TTSLexx. This should remove the call recording announcement on Google Dialer. This also disables Speech Services by Google, so you will have to manually record your own calls if you want them saved.

4. Go to Preferred Engine:

If you’ve enabled call recording on your phone, you can disable the “This call is now being recorded” announcement by going to Settings and selecting the option. It’s important to note that you will not be able to use some functions that are only available when calling with the call recording enabled.

OPPO has released its ColorOS 13 with new features including the Meeting Assistant to optimize online meetings. It can prioritize wireless data packages to improve video conference connections and simplify banner notifications to minimize distractions. It also lets users add an OPPO Notes shortcut to take notes during calls.

Some people like to record calls to avoid being scammed or for legal reasons. It’s not advisable to record phones without the consent of both parties.

5. Go to Speech Services by Google:

It’s important to remember that call recording may be illegal in some regions. If this is the case, it’s best to ask for consent from both parties before enabling call recording on your Google Dialer app.

If the download issue of Speech Services is occurring due to a mismatch between the user’s actual region and the one configured on the phone, then changing it may resolve the problem. Alternatively, a reboot of the phone can also help in clearing this issue.

Text-to-speech output can be used to have almost anything on your phone screen read back to you, including button commands. This feature can be found on most Android phones, and it is especially useful for those with visual impairments or limited mobility. It can even be used to navigate apps or websites.

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