Vivo Call Recording

Vivo Call Recording:

Call recording is a feature that comes with most Android phones. It’s a good way to save important information about conversations that may lead to the development of better products and services.

However, some countries have laws against recording without the other parties consent. This can be frustrating.


One of the smallest but significant functions that Vivo phones have is call recording. This is done on the system level and does not require auxiliary tools.

For those who want to record calls, they can either use the default Phone app or third-party apps such as Salestrail and Automatic Call Recorder from Appliqato.

The former has several options to record calls automatically or manually and even exclude certain numbers that you do not want to track. You can also create a custom list of phone numbers to record only those that are in your contacts.

This way, you can keep a detailed record of all calls made or received on your Vivo smartphone. This can be useful for businesses and their employees. It helps to avoid misunderstandings and disputes, which may lead to corporate or personal liability.


Many smartphones are equipped with a built-in call recorder feature. It records all incoming and outgoing calls.

However, this feature can sometimes fail due to firmware and other factors. You can try installing a third-party app or a second device to record your calls.


Some smartphone makers like Vivo also offer a built-in call recorder feature for their users. This app saves all recorded calls in a folder and allows you to access them whenever needed.

There are several reasons why a business may need to record its phone calls. They can be used to improve products and services, resolve problems, ensure compliance, capture forgotten or missed information, and more.


VoIP call recording is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss any critical details during a customer service call. This will help you avoid costly legal problems down the line, and it’s also a valuable tool to improve communication between your sales or support team and customers.

Listening to your calls can also help you understand why a client isn’t satisfied with your services, and pinpoint issues that can be fixed to improve overall satisfaction. You may even find insights that can be used to enhance marketing campaigns.

If your Vivo phone has the “This call is now being recorded” announcement, there are some simple solutions that you can use to get it muted. The first method is to download an alternative phone app that will replace the default Google Dialer on your device.

Another option is to flash your device with a custom ROM. That will permanently disable the call recording announcement. This is a more advanced solution that is not available out of the box on many Vivo phones. But it can be done with a little bit of hacking and nifty code.


When you need to bring on a new employee or temporary employee, sharing call recordings can help them get up to speed on your company’s products and customer needs quickly. This can also help them defuse customer concerns and questions before they escalate into a legal dispute.

You can even share recordings with your team members in product management or R&D to help them better understand how customers are using your products and what they like about them. This can help you make product improvements that better meet customer expectations.

Recording calls can also give you a valuable tool to monitor the quality of your customer service interactions in real time. And identify areas where customer satisfaction could be improved. Whether it’s a technical issue that keeps callings going through the system. Or a problem with routing a call to the right person in a timely manner. Call recordings are an excellent way to measure your overall customer service performance and make informed decisions about how you can improve it.

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