Best Vodacom Prepaid Price Plan

How to Choose the Best Vodacom Prepaid Price Plan?

Prepaid customers can purchase Vodacom SIM cards at airports (like Johannesburg – O.R. Tambo International Airport) and most grocery stores. These outlets can RICA your card as well. So, read the article to get information on this Best Vodacom Prepaid Price Plan.

Over-the-top apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat allow users to communicate at low cost directly with friends and family, putting pressure on cellphone operators’ traditional voice and messaging revenues.

1. Internet Starter Pack:

Vodacom offers a variety of once-off data plans. These are ideal for light data users and are valid until midnight on the day they were purchased. Some are available as monthly packages while others are weekly or daily. Some have a maximum usage limit while others don’t.

If you migrate to or from a price plan with a limitless/unlimited voice and SMS offer, your inclusive bundles (Minutes/SMSs/Data) will not carry over to the new price plan. Calls made out-of-bundle on your price plan will be charged at the general service, VAS, and out-of-bundle call rates for that plan.

The Internet Starter Pack comes with a month’s worth of unlimited WhatsApp use but doesn’t include VoIP calls. You can subscribe to this package through *147# or the Web Self-Service portal. Alternatively, you can purchase it at any Vodacom shop (Vodacom Store Locator) or in most supermarkets that sell prepaid SIMs for R5 and above. Vodacom also has a retail outlet at OR Tambo International Airport. RICA registration is quick and easy there too. You can find a Vodacom store in the departure area of the terminal.

2. Power Bonus:

If you’re a savvy data user and want a monthly recurring bundle that gives you peace of mind, you should check out the Power Bonus. This offer allows you to get 12 allocations of data every 30 days by paying one amount upfront.

The bundles are valid until midnight on the day you purchase them, which means you have plenty of time to use your favorite social media apps and connect with friends and family online. You can change your price plan to the Power Bonus at any time by dialing 1187, free from your Vodacom Prepaid phone.

Note: Out-of-bundle rates shown apply to the Power Bonus Prepaid Price Plan, please refer to your price plan’s terms and conditions for details. The once-off data plans and the month-to-month subscription are both great for travelers who don’t want to be stuck with the same bundle all the time. You can switch to either of these at any time by calling 082135 or visiting a Vodacom store. Note that upward migrations may be subject to credit vetting and downward migrations will attract a migration fee.

3. WiFi Bundles:

The WiFi Bundles offer a way for prepaid customers to get 12 allocations of data every 30 days for 3,6 or 12 months by paying one amount upfront. The bundles are available at Vodacom shops and 4U stores. Out-of-bundle rates are as per the applicable price plan terms and conditions.

Monthly recurring data bundles give you peace of mind and automatically renew your chosen subscription when it expires using the available airtime balance. You have the option of selecting either an Anytime bundle allocation or a Night Owl data bundle allocation.

Internet Daily is a prepaid once-off data bundle that is valid until midnight on the day of purchase. It is ideal for those who do not exceed their data allowance regularly and are looking for the cheapest mobile data in South Africa.

uChoose Smart, RED, and RED+ price plan data bundles can be used at any time of the day. uChoose Flexi price plan voice, SMS and data allocations are subject to the same carry-over limit of one month post their allocated month.

4. All For You:

The All For You prepaid bundles offer a combination of data and talk minutes to allow customers to stay connected at home or on the go with large data bundle allocations. All bundle allocations, whether Anytime or Night Owl, are valid for 30 days from the time of purchase.

These bundles can be purchased at any Vodacom Shop, 4U Store, or a participating retailer. Out-of-bundle rates apply. You can also freely change to Power Bonus by dialing 1187, free from your Vodacom prepaid phone at any time.

If you need to purchase a SIM card, Vodacom offers a wide variety of stores (Vodacom Store Locator) in the cities and at airports like Johannesburg – OR Tambo International Airport and Cape Town – Cape Town International Airport. They are also available in most supermarkets, including Woolworths. They often have RICA agents to register tourist SIM cards too. This makes them a great choice for those who want to avoid the price shock of expensive MTN SIMs in airports. Alternatively, you can get a SIM from an independent solutions consultant (look for the ‘RICA agent’ sign). This will likely cost more but is a safe option.

5. Travel Data Bundles:

Travel Data Bundles are a great way to reduce international roaming costs this festive season. These bundles provide a fixed bundle fee for the country of your choice and include usage notifications and alerts to let you know when you’re reaching your limit.

Available to contract, prepaid and top-up customers, the weekly and fortnight bundles offer an affordable and convenient solution to manage your data usage when traveling abroad. The bundles can be purchased at the Vodacom Store, through the Vodacom app, or by dialing *147# or *109#. If you exceed your bundle limit, you’ll be charged at the default roaming rate.

Customers on RED and Red+ price plans qualify for two free data-sharing SIM cards. Subject to terms and conditions and monthly subscription and once-off activation fees for each SIM card. When a customer migrates to or from a uChoose Flexi price plan. The monthly allocation of data and voice (minutes/SMS) included in the previous price plan will be carried over up to a maximum of one month. After which timeout rates will apply.

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