Vodacom 20 Gig Data Special

Vodacom 20 Gig Data Special:

Vodacom offers a wide variety of data bundle packages. These bundles are designed to suit different needs and budgets. They range from hourly to weekly to night owl plans. So, read the complete article to get information on this Vodacom 20 Gig Data Special.

Students can choose from a monthly bundle that includes URL data for e-learning or home study and 20GB of night owl data or a daily WhatsApp bundle with out-of-bundle rates. They can buy these at Vodacom shops and participating retailers.


There are a number of different Vodacom data packages available, offering various quantities and prices to suit the needs of different users. For example, some data bundles have an hourly expiration, while others can be used at any time of the day. Some data bundles also come with a free wifi router.

You can purchase Vodacom data through the company’s mobile app or online. You can also check your data balance and expiration date through the app or website. Vodacom also offers a family-sharing service that allows you to share up to 20GB of data with other members of your family.

Vodacom’s network coverage is excellent across the country, with its 4G LTE service covering over 90% of the population. The only major rival to the company is MTN, which offers comparable coverage and speeds. Cell C has a national roaming agreement with Vodacom for 2G and 3G coverage, but not for 4G.

Another network provider to consider is Hello Mobile, which has a large subscriber base and offers great value for money. It uses the Cell C network and has a good reputation for its quality and speed, and is cheaper than Vodacom. It also has a good deal for roaming in Eswatini, if you plan to travel there. The service is available from most cellphone shops and at the airport.

Terms and conditions:

Vodacom offers a variety of SIM contract options to fit the needs of its customers. These contracts include a monthly fee in exchange for a set amount of data, minutes, and SMS. Customers can choose from a 12-month or 24-month contract, and they can also add on services such as international calling and roaming.

As one of the largest cellular service providers in South Africa, Vodacom offers competitive rates and strong network coverage. The company also offers a number of mobile data bundles and promotions that can help you stay connected. You can also transfer your Vodacom data to other users, which is known as Vodacom Family Sharing. However, it is important to note that the recipient must also be a Vodacom customer in order to receive your data.

Customers can also use the Vodacom Home Internet prepaid LTE service to stay connected on the go. The service comes with an Anytime data bundle allocation that can be used at any time of the day, as well as a Night Owl data bundle allocation that is valid between midnight and 5:00 AM. These data bundles are available to prepaid customers, and they can be purchased online or at Vodacom stores. Once a Wi-Fi bundle is purchased, the user must have a Vodacom username and password in order to log in to their AlwaysOn or WirelessG/ G-Connect hotspot.



Vodacom understands that data is the fuel to a smartphone. And it has made internet connection affordable for its diverse range of subscribers. The network offers a number of cheap packages for light users on a budget. While it also has expensive rates for heavy data surfers. It also offers a wide variety of bundles that can be used during different times of the day.

To use the service, you need to insert the SIM card into a Vodacom-approved home router (Huawei B535 / Alcatel HH72V or Nokia Sharelink Fastmile 5G Gateway (5G-04W-A) 35588010) and activate the service. Once the SIM card is activated. It will be locked to the selected device for a month and can only be used in that geographic area.

In terms of mobile network coverage in South Africa. Vodacom is the best with 99% 2G coverage and 80% 4G coverage in 2018. It is owned by Vodafone and ranks first for both call quality and data speeds in independent tests. It is followed by MTN and Cell C, which both offer nationwide coverage by purchasing roaming on Vodacom’s network for areas outside their own network. But this only applies to 2G and 3G, not to 4G/LTE. Hello, Mobile and Trace Mobile are both MVNOs running on the Cell C network and have good rates for data too.


Vodacom offers a variety of data packages. These include daily, weekly, monthly, and even terabyte bundles. Each package comes with its designated megabytes. And it is important to understand what each one is best suited for before making your decision.

You can purchase data bundles online, on the Vodacom app, or at any retail store. When purchasing a bundle, you must specify the mobile phone number you wish to load it on at checkout (there is a dedicated field for this on the checkout page). Upon payment, the data will be loaded into your account within an hour.

If you need more data, you can also share your Vodacom data with up to six other people – known as family sharing – if they are on the same network. The minimum transfer amount is 100MB. And the recipient must be a Vodacom customer in order to receive it.

In addition to these packages. Vodacom offers a range of business data plans for customers who need a larger amount of data. These plans can be purchased as a one-off or recurring purchase. For example, the company’s Internet Starter Pack delivers 12 data allocations every 30 days in exchange for a single upfront payment. It is available as a SIM-only deal or in a starter pack with a modem.

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