Vodacom Prepaid Data Deals

Vodacom Prepaid Data Deals

Vodacom offers a massive variety of prepaid mobile data deals. These include hourly, daily, weekly, and Night Owl internet bundles. So, read more here to get information on these Vodacom Prepaid Data Deals.

As a result, it is important to know your internet usage so you can pick a suitable bundle package for your needs. Here are some tips on how to buy a cheap data bundle on Vodacom.

Once Off:

As one of the biggest network providers in South Africa, Vodacom has a wide selection of cheap data bundles to choose from. Whether you need it for an hour or several days, they have an option that will fit your budget and internet usage. This includes daily, weekly, and Night Owl internet bundles.

In addition to their once-off bundles, Vodacom also offers monthly prepaid data packages with either a pay-once upfront or a recurring payment offer. This includes the Internet Smart Pack bundles that start at R29 for 240MB and their Internet Super Bundle that is available for R12 or 11. The My Vodacom app is also an excellent place to buy these once-off bundles as you can earn VodaBucks on each purchase.

Besides the options offered by Vodacom, there are other mobile network providers in South Africa that have very competitive prepaid data deals and bundles. Telkom, Cell C, and MTN are known to have some of the cheapest prepaid internet bundles in 2023. Cell C also has their Home Connecta Flexi plans which range from 10 GB LITE to 100 GB split in half between day and night for a month on once-off or recurring payments. MVNO Hello Mobile is another network that provides great Internet rates on their networks (Vodacom 2G, Cell C 3G, and MTN 4G) while offering competitive data bundles.

Month To Month:

The network provider has a number of month-to-month data deals that you can subscribe to. These plans have a monthly subscription and renew automatically once the subscription expires. They are usually slightly cheaper than the once-off prepaid data bundles.

You can purchase any of the prepaid data bundles from Vodacom’s USSD code *135# or via SMS or the My Vodacom app*. If you are a first-time user of the app, you will get 150 VodaBucks. Vodacom also sells these bundles online and in its stores.


Cell C is another network that offers a number of cheap data packages and bundles. They have a range of prepaid internet bundles from 10GB LITE to 100GB split into day and night allocation. Cell C’s network coverage is 99% of the country (coverage map).

They have a variety of monthly, weekly, and daily internet bundles for subscribers to choose from. These bundles are ideal for those who don’t stay up late at night and want to save on expensive roaming rates from MTN. The cheapest prepaid data deal in South Africa from Cell C is the Home Connecta Flexi data package with a price tag of R59 – R199 per month. The service provides 2G and 3G networks with high speed. Cell C has an agreement with MTN to provide free roaming on their network outside their own coverage area.

Internet Starter Pack:

Vodacom offers a variety of internet bundles that vary in data volume, validity/expiry period, and cost. These plans are ideal for both light and heavy internet users. Users can choose from the hourly, daily, weekly, and night owl bundles as well as once-off, monthly recurring, or quarterly data bundles.

Customers can purchase these bundles from any Vodacom shop, 4U store, or participating retailer. A SIM-only deal or a starter pack which includes a modem is available. The starter pack starts from 149 ZAR and includes 12 allocations of data every 30 days. If the bundle reaches its Validity date and expires. Out-of-bundle rates will apply as per your price plan terms and conditions.

The monthly recurring bundles start from three months up to 12 months. These plans will automatically allocate a set amount of data every month as long as you have enough credit on your account.

In 2020, Vodacom has one of the best network coverages in the country. Its 2G network covers 99% of the country. While its 3G and 4G networks cover 84% of the population according to independent tests by CommsUpdate. Moreover, Vodacom is also renowned for its affordability and reliability compared to other mobile networks in the country. You can buy, RICA and activate a Vodacom prepaid SIM card at any Vodacom store in South Africa (Vodacom Store Locator). As well as in most convenience stores and grocery shops.

Wi-Fi Bundles:

Vodacom offers a range of WiFi bundles that are suitable for various internet needs. These bundles vary in data volume, validity/expiration period, and cost. The bundles are available as a once-off subscription or a month-to-month subscription.

A Once off Data Bundle lasts for one hour and is suitable for people who do not need to access the internet often. This bundle is ideal for people who want to stay in touch with friends and family online without using up their prepaid data. This bundle can be purchased at R5 for 50MB or at R12 for 1GB.

Weekly and Fortnight bundles are recurring data bundles that are available to prepaid and top-up customers on a weekly basis. These bundles allow subscribers to enjoy a full internet experience on their Vodacom smartphone, tablet, or modem. These bundles offer a combination of anytime data and night data. Which is allocated at midnight each day. Overuse is charged at the default rate of their plan.

All For You bundles are a prepaid roaming data option that allows subscribers to connect to the internet in 204 countries and territories. These bundles can be activated by dialing *135# or via the My Vodacom app. This bundle is ideal for a subscriber who travels often and does not use their bundled data regularly.

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