Best Internet Calling App for Android

How to Choose the Best Internet Calling App for Android?

There are several options for Internet Calling apps for Android. These include Signal, Google Voice, TextPlus, and WeChat Out. However, before choosing one, it is essential to understand your needs. Some of the features of these apps will be important to you, while others may not be necessary. The quality of the call quality is another consideration. So, you can get information on this Best Internet Calling App for Android.

WeChat Out:

WeChat Out is an internet calling app that allows you to make free phone calls with your WeChat contacts. You can make calls to your existing numbers or to new numbers. It claims to provide excellent call quality, and you can also top up your balance with various denominations. You will need a credit card or a debit card to use this feature, though.

WeChat Out is similar to Skype, but it also offers landline calling and is specifically designed for Chinese users. Although it is mostly aimed at Chinese users, it is easy enough for anyone to use, including those who don’t speak Chinese. It also has a localization feature, which means it can translate messages into 20 languages.

WeChat Out is a good choice if you want to make cheap phone calls abroad. You can call mobile numbers or landlines in various countries around the world. It currently supports calls to the US, China, and Hong Kong, but it will be extending to other regions soon. It is simple to use and offers low rates, and you can even get free credits for making international calls.


If you’re looking for a reliable way to make free calls from Android, Signal is the app to use. Its encrypting capabilities keep your conversations private, which is an important feature if you want to stay protected. However, Signal does have a few quirks. For instance, it won’t allow you to see previous conversations when joining a group. Moreover, it only allows recipients to read messages that are intended for them.

The signal is available for Android and iOS devices and even has a desktop companion application. To use the app, you’ll need to register with your mobile phone number. You can also use the desktop app to store the history of your conversations. The signal does not store your phone number or siphon your contact list, so you can rest assured that your calls will remain private. Signal also creates a one-way cryptographic hash of your phone number. It also has a handy feature that will send an alert if your friend joins the app.


Signal allows you to customize your alerts and enable or disable them for different contacts. It also has text and image editing tools, so you can customize alerts for specific users and disable them altogether. Once you’ve configured your Signal account, you can start using it to chat with your friends. You can do this by tapping on the Pencil icon in the top right corner.

Google Voice:

If you’re looking for a simple phone calling app for Android, you’ve probably tried Google Voice. This free application lets you make and receive calls and send texts using Wi-Fi or cellular data. Google Voice allows you to send and receive free texts and phone calls within the United States and Canada. However, international calls may be subject to roaming fees.

To start using Google Voice, simply sign in to your Google account. You can dial numbers from your Google Voice account, as well as select contacts from your phone’s Contacts. You’ll receive notifications whenever new calls come in. If you use landline numbers, you can find them in your phone book with ease.

Google Voice also offers several different pricing plans. Starter plans cost $10 per month and give you up to 10 domestic phone numbers. Higher-tiered plans come with unlimited virtual phone numbers. You can upgrade to the Premier plan, which costs $20 to $30 per month. If you need international phone numbers, you should upgrade to the Premier plan. Otherwise, you can also check out 8×8, which provides free international phone numbers and calls to over 120 countries.


TextPlus is a fantastic messaging app that also lets you make phone calls. It integrates well with Android terminals and offers low-cost international calling to over 200 countries. It requires Android 2.3 or higher to run. The app comes with free credits that you can redeem in order to make calls.

TextPlus is free to use and lets you receive and send text messages. It also supports voice calls and has an ad-free interface. If you prefer to make long-distance calls, you might want to consider other apps. Whatsapp and LINE are good options for long-distance international calling.

TextPlus also features privacy features that enable you to send private messages to your friends and family. It also offers a free US phone number that allows you to make free calls. This service is great for people who don’t want to subscribe to an expensive cell phone plan. It also lets you make cheap international calls without a contract.

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