Best Vodacom Prepaid Price Plan

How To Find The Best Vodacom Prepaid Price Plan?

There are a number of different pay-as-you-go packages available from various network providers. These include Telkom, Vodacom, MTN, and Cell C. Each operator has unique features and benefits that cater to varying usage levels. So, read the article to get information on this Best Vodacom Prepaid Price Plan.

These plans are great if your usage fluctuates each month. They also offer more flexibility than standard contracts.

79c Plan:

Vodacom offers a range of once-off data bundles. It also offers a monthly recurring data option which is perfect for tourists. You can purchase these plans at most supermarkets and RICA registration outlets (look for the ‘RICA agent’ sign).

They also have a new promotional price plan called 79c which is a prepaid call rate of 79c per minute on a per-second billing. It is available until 14 July 2014. Existing prepaid customers can move to the 79c plan free of charge by dialing *111#.

1GB Plan:

Vodacom offers an affordable monthly recurring data bundle that is perfect for budget customers. It also offers the ability to save on roaming costs with its new Travel Data bundles.

The network provider also has a range of once-off internet plans and month-to-month subscriptions. The once-off internet plans deactivate after the expiry date, while the month-to-month plans renew using available airtime on your account. WiFi bundles require a Wi-Fi-enabled device and users need to be in an AlwaysOn or WirelessG WiFi hotspot to use them.

3GB Plan:

Vodacom has a large number of prepaid data bundles to suit any internet usage requirement. These include daily, weekly, and monthly recurring data bundles. In addition, there are also prepaid data rollover options.

Alternatively, there are prepaid month-to-month subscription plans which use available airtime balance to renew your subscription on expiry. These are cheaper than the once-off subscription plans. These are great for business individuals on a tight budget.

5GB Plan:

With these large data bundles, you’ll have plenty of data to keep you connected. Out-of-bundle rates apply. *Bundles are valid for 30 days from the time of purchase.

Vodacom offers prepaid once-off or month-to-month internet plans. The once-off internet plan will expire on the day it’s activated while the monthly recurring subscription renews every 30 days and uses available airtime to do so. This can help you avoid bill shock. Also, you can change your prepaid price plan at any time. Just dial 1187, free from your Vodacom prepaid phone.


10GB Plan:

Whether you’re watching videos or using Facebook, this plan lets you surf the web without worrying about your data limit. It also includes mobile hotspots at cellular speeds and secondary features like Data Maximizer and Music Freedom.

This plan is available for customers on the Power Bonus Prepaid price plan. Out-of-bundle rates apply. To free change to Power Bonus at any time, dial 1187, free from your Vodacom prepaid phone. Available at Vodacom shops, 4U stores, and participating retailers. Terms and Conditions apply. *Data bundle allocations are valid until midnight of the day they are purchased.

20GB Plan:

Vodacom offers a variety of once-off data bundles to suit your needs. These include daily, weekly, and monthly packages. These data bundles are reloaded automatically when they expire using available airtime on your account.

These data bundles are a great option for travelers to use when visiting South Africa. They provide a hassle-free way to browse the internet and connect with friends and family. However, you should be aware of out-of-bundle rates. This is the case with all prepaid data plans. Out-of-bundle rates are subject to the price plan’s terms and conditions.

30GB Plan:

Vodacom offers prepaid data plans that allow customers to browse the internet at an affordable rate. These plans can be purchased at any Vodacom store in South Africa.

The plan comes with a number of additional features such as free WhatsApp and SMS bundles and a data rollover feature. These plans are ideal for users who frequently use social media and other websites.

These plans are available as either a once-off subscription or a month-to-month subscription. Monthly recurring plans are more expensive but give users peace of mind as they renew automatically when they expire.

40GB Plan:

Vodacom offers a range of prepaid data plans that you can subscribe to on a monthly basis. These plans are great for people who use a lot of data, as they offer unlimited internet usage.

Changing your tariff plan on Vodacom is easy and can be done through a USSD menu or at a Vodacom store. However, it is important to consider the costs, benefits, and exclusions of each plan before making a decision.

The uChoose Smart and uChoose Flexi price plans include data bundles, but out-of-bundle rates will apply. Monthly allocations on these price plans cannot be transferred.

50GB Plan:

Vodacom offers a variety of data bundles that can keep you connected all the time. These include the Internet Daily, Night Owl, and Anytime bundles. These bundles are available for both mobile and home use.

Vodafone Idea (Vi) has recently launched a new prepaid plan that offers 50GB of data and more. This plan doubles the data benefits of one of its add-on plans priced at Rs 98.

The plan is a month-to-month subscription and uses your available airtime to renew the monthly subscription once it expires. It’s a good option for business individuals who don’t mind paying a little extra every month.

100GB Plan:

In South Africa, Vodacom has one of the best mobile networks that are available for prepaid subscribers. It also offers some of the most affordable data plans in the country.

A 100GB plan will allow you to surf the internet for around 1200 hours and it can last a month or 30 days if you are a light user. This is a great option for travelers who don’t want to worry about running out of data.

Note: Out-of-bundle rates shown apply to the Power Bonus prepaid price plan and are subject to the price plan’s terms and conditions. You can freely change to Power Bonus at any time by dialing 1187, free from your Vodacom prepaid phone. Thank you for visiting our site to get information on this Best Vodacom Prepaid Price Plan.

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