Vodafone Callya

Vodafone Callya – Is it Worth It?

Vodafone Callya has long been a popular Prepaid option, but it also comes with some issues. So we’re here to help you find out if it’s worth it.

Among other things, this Prepaid option offers a variety of benefits like unlimited calls and texts, free roaming and more. But how does it compare to other options?

Unlimited calls:

The unlimited calls and texts included in Callya are available to a huge range of countries, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, UK and USA.

To use this plan you need to register (or verify) your personal data online or in one of the several ways available, such as Video ID or Postident. The latter is where you take your proof of identity together with a Vodafone-provided document from a post office.

You can top up with cash cards sold in Vodafone stores and electronic shops, such as Mediamarkt, or by Vodafone CallNow vouchers, which are widely available. You can also recharge on the Mein Vodafone app, using a (international/EU) debit or credit card.

Unlimited texts:

As with the unlimited data option, Vodafone also offers an unlimited text messaging package. It costs 4,99 Euros and is available to both Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers.

Vodafone also offers a base plan called Callya that offers all domestic calls for free. It’s a good value option, especially if you want to save money on texts.

The Callya SIM is sold in a variety of stores, including most supermarkets, corner shops and electronics stores across Germany. It can be topped up with cash cards, Vodafone CallNow vouchers or by rechargeing with (international/EU) credit and debit cards.


The Callya SIM can also be changed to a different plan, which is called “facil” and has all domestic calls at 6 cent per minute. However, it’s unclear whether this service is still available.

Unlimited internet:

Vodafone offers one of the most impressive unlimited data plans on the market. It’s a fixed price of 79,99 euros a month on a 24-month contract and delivers download speeds of up to 500 Mbps and upload speeds of 100 Mbps.

This plan also comes with unlimited calls and texts to any network in Germany. Plus, it includes free EU roaming.

It isn’t the cheapest of unlimited data plans, but it is definitely the best deal. It’s worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new mobile phone contract.

You can top up your Vodafone SIM card with a wide variety of options including cash cards sold at many stores and even CallNow vouchers (also available online). To check your balance, dial *100#.

Free roaming:

The EU has agreed that if you’re travelling outside of your home country (known as roaming) you won’t be charged extra for calls, texts and data use. This is good news for anyone on a Vodafone plan as it means you can use your full allowance without restrictions abroad.

Vodafone has a range of prepaid plans that offer free roaming. They include the Callya combo plan which includes minutes, texts and data (with 5G NR access), plus Internet-Optionen or Internet Options, which are data add-ons that can be added to any prepaid package.

Vodafone has also introduced a new domestic roaming package for its customers. Which is free to activate. The Travel Europa package is valid in the EU (except Italy) for a weekly charge of EUR2,99. With no activation fee or auto-renewal. It’s not as cheap as the domestic plan. But it’s a good option if you’re going to use your data a lot in Europe.

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