What Countries are Included in Global Calling Plus with Verizon?

What countries are included in global calling plus with Verizon?

Global calling plus with Verizon is a great way to get cheap calls to 160 countries. It includes rates for popular Latin American and Caribbean countries. It also covers landlines in more than 70 countries. For $15 a month, this plan can save you money on international calls. For example, you can use this plan to call Cuba and Mexico for free. And it also covers Canada. So, read the article to get information on this What countries are included in global calling plus with Verizon?

Latin American countries:

With Global Choice, you can make calls to 17 countries in Latin America. These countries include Cuba, Honduras, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Guatemala, Chile, Ecuador, and Venezuela. For just $9.95 per month, you can get 300 minutes of calls to these countries. If you want to make even more calls to these countries, you can add the Carefree Minutes(r) Latin America 300 add-on.

The service has recently expanded its coverage to include Latin American countries. It is also included in select 5G Unlimited plans.


With Global Choice, you get a block of international calling minutes to Cuba each month at a discounted rate. With Global Choice, you can also talk and text Canada and Mexico. If you want to save even more money, you can subscribe to Rebtel, which offers huge discounts on calls to Cuba. You can also get regular saver deals if you use Rebtel often. You will be able to call Cuba for as low as 8 cents per minute.

You can also bring your own cell phone to Cuba, but you need to make sure that it is a 900 MHz bandwidth model. It would be more efficient to use a tri-band phone. Alternatively, you can purchase a CUBACEL SIM card, which will allow you to call and receive calls anywhere in Cuba. SIM cards are available for CUC 10 or CUC 20 and are pre-paid, so they’re more affordable than a traditional phone plan.



Global calling plus with Verizon provides a cost-effective way to make international calls with the convenience of a landline phone. The plan allows unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada, and subsidized rates to over 220 countries. For $15 a month, you can make unlimited calls to over 60 countries, including Mexico.

Whether you’re calling Mexico on a regular basis or sporadically, you’ll want to choose the right plan for your situation. For example, if you’re frequently in Mexico and need to make international calls, you should go for a bolt-on international plan. Otherwise, if you’ll only need to make international calls occasionally, you can opt for a pay-as-you-go option.

A global calling plan from Verizon includes unlimited calls to over 230 countries and also includes texting from Mexico. You don’t have to pay extra for texting because you can use your internet connection. If you’re traveling for business, international calls can add up fast. VoIP phones are a great way to save money and streamline recurring tasks.


Global calling plus with Verizon is an affordable way to make international calls. This plan includes unlimited calls to more than 60 countries, including Canada and Mexico, at subsidized rates. You can make unlimited calls to Canada for only $15 a month. This plan also includes discounted rates for more than 160 other countries.

Using a global calling plan can save you money, but make sure to know your country’s time zone before you make the call. This is particularly important if you’re planning to call Canada from the United States. Canada has several time zones, and different provinces use different area codes. If you’re calling Canada from the United States, be sure to check the rates so you know what to expect. Some carriers overcharge for international calls, so always double-check to be sure you’re not getting ripped off.

In addition to unlimited domestic calling, Global Calling Plus with Verizon offers messaging to more than 230 countries. You can also make calls to Mexico and Canada without paying extra per minute. If you want to make international calls with your cell phone plan, you can also get unlimited texts and data.

Cuban Embassy:

Starting next week, Verizon Wireless will offer international roaming in Cuba. This service will allow its customers to use talk, messaging and data in Cuba for a standard per-minute rate. Customers can also take advantage of Pay-As-You-Go International Travel. This service is the first of its kind from a U.S. wireless carrier.

The plan offers international long-distance calling to 17 Latin American countries, including Cuba. The plan also covers Honduras, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Venezuela. The rates for these countries vary, so check the plan details before making a call. Thank you for reading this article to get information on this What countries are included in global calling plus with Verizon?

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