Retrieve Deleted Call History iPhone

How to Retrieve Deleted Call History on iPhone?

If you have accidentally deleted your call history, there are several ways to retrieve it. One is to use iCloud backup. Read the article to get complete information on this Retrieve Deleted Call History iPhone.

Another way to get back the deleted call history is by using iTunes. This method will replace your iPhone’s data with the content from the backup file.

iCloud backup:

One of the most popular ways to retrieve deleted call history on an iPhone is using iCloud backup. This method has a few disadvantages, though: it requires having an existing backup from before you deleted the call history and restoring from this backup will erase the current data on your iPhone as well.

However, if you do wipe your phone and install a new backup from iCloud, you should be able to restore the old call logs that were deleted. It may take a few minutes, but as long as you haven’t backed up since the deletion, you should be able to see your deleted calls on the recent screen of your Phone app.

In order to find deleted call history in iCloud backup selectively and without losing any data, you can use a free tool called iFindit. This data recovery software will scan your iCloud backups after you sign in and find deleted call logs that you can easily recover with just a few clicks of the mouse.

iTunes backup:

When you restore an iPhone with iTunes, the phone will automatically back up all the data. The backup contains everything you have saved on the device including photos, music, video files, apps, settings, etc.

However, call history is not included in this backup and you will need to restore it from an encrypted backup. To see if your call history is included, launch iTunes on your PC or Mac and check whether the backup you are about to restore is encrypted.

If it is, open the software and click on ‘Recover from iTunes Backup file’. It will show a list of backup files on the screen and allow you to select the call history file. Place a tick next to it and then choose the “Restore to Device” or “Recover to Computer” option to save it on your computer.


EaseUS MobiSaver:

If you have deleted call history on your iPhone, then EaseUS MobiSaver can help you get it back. It works by opening up your iTunes and iCloud backups so you can choose which ones you want to recover from.

It also has a free trial version which allows you to preview the deleted files before they are recovered. This makes it a great tool to use if you have a lot of data that you want to recover.

The software is available for both Mac and Windows and it supports all iOS devices. It can recover a wide range of files including photos. Videos, contacts, messages, call history, notes, calendars, reminders, Safari bookmarks, WhatsApp chat data, and Kik messages among others.


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