PTCL Helpline Number Islamabad

PTCL Helpline Number Islamabad:

You can reach the PTCL helpline number at 1218 to contact the company. You can also get more information on COVID-19 and the Polio Eradication Programme by reading our FAQs. Moreover, you can contact the company for a variety of services. There is no limit to the services you can enjoy through the PTCL helpline. Read the article to get information about PTCL Helpline Number Islamabad.

However, if you are planning to start a contact center, you should choose advanced network-based offerings. Advanced network-based offerings will maximize the efficiency of your contact center by intelligently routing toll-free calls.


A team of 250 call agents staffs the COVID-19 helpline number Islamabad from eight in the morning to midnight. About 80 percent of calls are related to basic information about COVID-19. Many callers are merely seeking basic information, while others want to talk about symptoms. During the National Polio Immunization Campaign.

The helpline received up to 1,000 calls per day, as people called to resolve questions about vaccinations or lodge complaints when health services were not functioning properly. But with the COVID-19 outbreak, the number has increased to fifty thousand to seventy calls per day.

The CDC is taking precautions to contain the spread of the disease, including checking individual temperatures at the entrance of the helpline building. All agents are provided with masks and sanitizer. As a result of the outbreak, polio vaccination campaigns have been suspended in Pakistan until June 2020. However, the CDC plans to reach as many children as possible with the vaccine. Until then, the COVID-19 helpline number Islamabad will be an excellent resource.


PTCL helpline:

For customers in Islamabad, the PTCL helpline number is 1218. They provide services like voice calls, data, and the internet. Being the largest telecommunications company in Pakistan, PTCL has extensive customer service centers throughout the country.

The contact center can utilize to resolve customer issues, and advanced network-based offerings can help you optimize the effectiveness of your contact center and intelligently route toll-free calls. The helpline has 250 call agents on duty, operating from 8:00 am to midnight. Eighty percent of calls are related to basic information about COVID-19 and its symptoms.

During the National Polio Immunization Campaign, the number of calls was around one thousand per day. People called with questions and doubts about vaccinations or to make complaints if they felt health services were not working. However, since the outbreak of COVID-19, the number of calls has increased to tens of thousands per day.


Have you been searching for the PTCL helpline number Islamabad for some time now? There are several reasons to use this number, but here are some of the most common ones. These helplines are designed to answer a wide variety of queries for both new and existing customers. If you’ve been in search of information on COVID-19, you can now call them and get all the answers you need.

Polio Eradication Programme:

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has allocated a polio-related helpline number. The number will be used by the polio eradication program to address complaints and inquiries. Callers will charge at their normal call tariff. The helpline number will also be used to provide information on polio.

A representative will be available to answer questions and provide information about the polio virus. In addition to answering questions, the number will also help track community concerns and gaps in knowledge and understanding. The helpline will provide an additional layer of monitoring during campaigns, which will increase program accountability.

It will help create a sense of trust between communities and the program by providing a platform for open discussion, co-creation of vaccination plans, and opportunities for positive interaction with caregivers. Moreover, the helpline number will be available in local languages, enabling the polio eradication program to provide timely responses in the local language.

Training of call agents:

A new PTCL helpline in Islamabad, Pakistan, is staffing 250 call agents. The helpline runs from 8:00 am to midnight and receive about 80 percent of calls related to COVID-19 symptoms and information. Before the COVID outbreak, the helpline was receiving about 1,000 calls a day, mostly from people with doubts about vaccines or health services that were not functioning properly. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the number of calls has increased to fifty or sixty thousand daily.

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