How to Dial Toll-Free Number From Mobile in Pakistan?

How to Dial Toll-Free Number From Mobile in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, it is possible to make free calls to toll-free numbers, which are drawn from the SMS/800 databases in the United States. Toll-free numbers prefix with “1800” followed by 6 digits. It is possible to make free calls to Pakistani mobile numbers by dialing “country code + phone number” from a cell phone. Unlike regular phone numbers, toll-free numbers are not listed on the owner’s cell phone. Read the article to get information about How to Dial Toll-Free Number From Mobile in Pakistan?.

Vonage offers affordable calling to Pakistan landlines and mobile phones:

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If you’re looking for an international calling plan that’s both inexpensive and reliable, try the VoIP option. VoIP allows you to make calls from your computer or mobile to Pakistan landlines and mobiles, and the price is usually a fraction of what you’d pay for a traditional landline. But remember, the quality may not be as good as that of a regular phone. Vonage is an excellent choice for both domestic and international calls to Pakistan.


Toll-free numbers are drawn from the US SMS/800 database:

Toll-free numbers are available for a range of purposes. They can use to send and receive SMS text messages. And are a convenient way to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. In addition, if the number is available with a particular segment of the customer base, you can use it to inform budgetary decisions.

Finally, these numbers provide businesses with data on which assets are working most effectively. The US SMS/800 database holds data about toll-free numbers. The registry is handling by SMS/800, a company that is the appointed administrator for toll-free numbers in North America.

This company is launching a new registry for text-enabled toll-free numbers that will enable toll-free number owners to increase their offerings while still maintaining a neutral third party. SMS/800 COO William Carter called it a natural extension of the company’s business. The Texting and Smart Services Registry is supports CTIA, an organization that advocates for wireless carriers.

Toll-free numbers are prefixed with “1800” followed by 6 digits:

How to dial a toll-free number from mobile in Pakistan is the first question that you may be asking. Toll-free numbers are prefixed with either “800” or “09”, while a local rate number starts with a different prefix. Such as ’00’ or ’03’. In other countries, toll-free numbers usually begin with the prefix “800” or ’09’. But you may also find “800” or “1800” in the prefix. Likewise, you can dial toll-free numbers using mobile in Egypt and other countries.

Calling a toll-free number from a mobile in Pakistan is easy. To dial an 1800 or 980-digit number from Pakistan. You will first dial the country code and then enter the exit code. You will have to dial ’00’ if you’re calling from a landline phone. So, you will then dial ‘0980’ for a mobile phone, and your call will go through.

Toll-free numbers are not available from phones list by the owner of the number:

In order to access toll-free numbers. A toll-free phone number must be assigned to another phone number. Either a landline or a cell phone. This phone number will then receive all incoming calls for the toll-free number. And the owner of the toll-free phone number can pick up the line or let the call go to voice mail. Depending on the provider’s policy. If a toll-free number is not available from a phone list by the owner of the number. The owner must pay a per-minute fee.

Businesses can benefit from toll-free numbers in two ways. First, they can establish a national brand by using them in various forms, such as websites, company cards, and billboards. Furthermore, toll-free numbers can help them build a nationwide customer base since callers are not required to enter a city-specific number to call a business. And, secondly, toll-free numbers can easily transfer from one service provider to another without disrupting service.

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