Google Conference Call

How to Use Google Conference Call?

To start using a Google Conference Call, all you need is a video camera, microphone, and a speaker. You can access the service through your Gmail account, the Chrome toolbar, or the Google Hangouts app. Once you’ve got all of these, you’re ready to make your first call. In addition, you can record your call with a click. In this article, we’ll explain how to use the service to start a one-to-one or group conversation.

Users can dial in with phone numbers to join a conference call:

Google has made it possible for users to join a conference call by dialing their phone numbers. You can find the dedicated dial-in in the blue band on the top of the conference call dashboard, the first page you see after logging in. To join a conference call, you can copy the dial-in to your clipboard or change it in Settings. Many customers have saved the dial-in to their cell phones.

Users can also dial phone numbers to join a video conference call. To use the dial-in feature, you need to have a Google Workspace account with an administrator. You must have the phone number and PIN of the meeting you wish to join. You will pay a higher rate if you call from outside the United States, so keep that in mind when you plan to make the call.

Users can record calls with just a click:

If you are a regular user of Google Conference Call, you have probably already figured out that you can record your calls with a click. But did you know that you can also share recorded calls with others? In fact, recording calls without permission is illegal in most regions, including the US. This feature is ideal for businesses that would like to record calls for legal or ethical reasons. It will allow you to create and save call recordings for future reference.


To start recording a call on Google Conference Call, all you have to do is start the call and ensure that there is at least one other person in the room. Once you do, a recording button will appear at the bottom left corner of the call window. Click the button to start recording, and either person can stop the recording. You can listen to the recording by using the custom audio player. If you need to jump around or adjust the volume, use the seek bar.

Users can start one-to-one or group conversations:

You can use Google Conference Call to start one-to-one or group conversations with other Google users. You can also use Google Meet for a video-conferencing experience. This free video-conferencing service can be used to start group or one-to-one conversations, with people in various countries. You can plan and schedule the meeting beforehand and start the video conference in advance. It is also possible to start one-to-one conversations with Google Conference Call users from mobile devices.

There are many tiers to Google Conference Call. Basic, professional, and enterprise plans come with unlimited video calls for up to 100 participants, up to 60 minutes, and noise cancellation. Other features of Google Conference Call include recording and breakout rooms. You can choose the level of audio quality you need based on your needs. To get started with the free service, sign up for a free account. Once you’ve registered, you’ll receive a welcome email.

Users can start a meeting with a Google Hangouts meeting:

To start a meeting, users must invite the other party. Users can share the meeting invite by email or text message. Users can also share meeting details by tapping the meeting name and adding their joining information. Once all participants have joined, users can begin the meeting. Users must be online to join. Once the meeting is started, participants can discuss the topic in a text message or voice chat.

With the Google Meet application, users can start a meeting with any number of participants and use it for business purposes. Google meet is an excellent way to conduct video conferences. This free video conferencing software is integrated with Google Workspace and has the highest level of security, allowing anyone to participate. This tool is ideal for use by companies, educational institutions, and other organizations. It is fast, easy to use, and works with any device.

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