How to Hide My Number When Calling on Android

How to Hide My Number When Calling on Android?

If you want to hide your number when you’re making a call, you’ve come to the right place. This article will show you how to block a number, hide your phone’s outbound caller ID, and block unknown calls. So, read the article to get information on this How to Hide My Number When Calling on Android?

Disable unknown calls:

Blocking unknown calls is a useful way to prevent your phone from ringing and annoying you. There are a number of ways to do this, and most Android devices have the ability to block certain numbers. You can also block a particular caller, which is a quick and easy way to protect your privacy.

The first step to blocking unknown calls is to open your phone app and tap the settings icon. From there, select the more tab. This will open a menu. To see your options, you can choose from the phone, contacts, and more options.

For more advanced methods, you can install a third-party application. One example is the Truecaller app. However, you should be careful. It is possible for a phishing email to fool you into providing personal information.

Samsung Galaxy phones have a call-blocking feature that allows you to block unwanted calls. Alternatively, you can use the stock dialer to do the trick.

Block a number:

If you’re having trouble dealing with an annoying phone caller, you might want to block the number. Fortunately, Android provides an easy way to do so.


First, you must make sure your phone supports the feature. Most of the time, this means you will need to add a contact to your contacts list. Depending on your device, these steps may vary.

Next, open the phone app. On the dial screen, you will see a three-dot Menu icon. Tap it to reveal options for calling, messaging, and more. The first option is called “Add,” and it is the most basic. You’ll have to type the name or number of the person you’re trying to block.

Next, tap the Call Logs tab. It’s located on the top or bottom of the screen. Select the phone number you want to block, then scroll down the list to the second option, “Block List.”

There are several ways to block a number, but the simplest one is by removing the caller from your contact list. Another option is to block the number manually by tapping the phone number.

Block outbound caller ID:

If you are annoyed by unsolicited calls, you can use a number of methods to block outbound caller IDs. These include calling your cell carrier, dialing a secret code, or using an app.

The easiest way to block outbound caller ID is by dialing *67. This works on most phones and carriers. You can then set your caller ID to show your name or a number instead.

You can also block a phone number permanently by changing your device’s settings. Some cell carriers, like Verizon, allow you to use their app to do this.

Another method to block outbound caller ID is to contact your cell carrier or service provider and ask them to do it for you. Alternatively, you can make an outbound call for someone else.

Hiding your caller ID can be a great way to protect your identity, especially if you are dealing with strangers. However, this method comes with some disadvantages.

Generally, if you are trying to reach a business or organization, your Caller ID will not be shown. This is due to the fact that the person you are trying to reach will not know about your call.

Make your number private on Verizon:

When you make your number private on Verizon, you can keep unwanted calls at bay. You can also block spammers and salespeople, and restrict incoming calls. The process is relatively easy on iPhone and Android. However, not all carriers offer the same features.

If you want to make your number private on Verizon, you can do so by accessing your account on the internet or through the phone app. In the latter case, you will need to log in. From there, you will be able to block the caller’s number.

Alternatively, you can simply call the customer service line and ask them to make your number private. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your number hidden from anyone on the phone.

Most mobile service providers will allow you to hide your phone number, though not all carriers allow you to do this. Some carriers will charge you a monthly fee for this feature. Other cell carriers provide a free private number service.

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