Free Conference Call Number and Access Code

How to Get a Free Conference Call Number and Access Code For Your VoIP Service:

Getting a Free Conference Call Number and Access Code for your VoIP phone service is as simple as dialing into a conference call. These numbers are available at no cost and can be used for troubleshooting audio issues, hosting meetings, and more.

Learn how to use one of these conference calling options to make your next conference call a success. This article will cover what you need to know to start. In the meantime, you can learn about the benefits of dial-in conference calls and how to get one.

Dial-in Conference Calls are an Alternative to Video Conferencing:

While video conferencing is a great way to bring your team together, dial-in conference calls can be more convenient. Dial-in conference calls can be made to record every call or only those that you specify for a one-time recording. Generally, the participants will hear hold music while they wait to join the conference.


Dial-in conference calls can be made to allow international participants to participate, but they will be unable to view screen sharing or share videos. However, if you require a record of a conference call, you can still ask the provider for a dial-in number.

Dial-in conference calls are easy to use and set up. You don’t have to worry about the tricky country and area codes. Unlike Skype, dialing into a conference call is a breeze compared to setting up a video conference. However, changing the settings on a video conference can be a pain. However, a free trial will help you see how dial-in conference calls can improve your business communications.

They are more Secure than Pinless Conference Calls:

While free conference call numbers and access codes are more secure than pinless conference calls, some conferences may require that attendees enter a PIN. If you are unable to supply a PIN, you can opt for a pinless option. It is also easier to join conferences that do not require a PIN. In addition, a no-PIN call is safer because you do not need to enter a credit card number.

Although pinless conference calls are more secure than free conference calls, it is important to remember that some of them do not allow users to view other people’s personal details. Moreover, a recent Sapio survey found that over 50% of conference call participants did not know who was on their call. However, 70 percent of people said that it was normal to exchange confidential information on these calls.

They can use to Troubleshoot Audio Problems:

Troubleshooting audio problems on a conference call begins with the type of audio device. If a participant does not have a headset, use a microphone. Also, make sure to turn up your computer’s volume. Most applications have a soundcheck feature. If you are not able to hear each other properly, turn up your computer’s volume. If this doesn’t help, you can always contact customer service.

They can use to Host a Meeting:

Using a Free Conference call number and access code to host a meeting is a budget-friendly way to communicate. Most services provide local dial-in numbers for countries around the world, and some offer a dial-out feature that allows participants to join the call directly. Some conference call services also provide a Call Me option, which will automatically call participants to let them know when the meeting begins.


There are several ways to host a meeting, including dial-in conferencing or email. You’ll need an access code or dial-in number for each person to join the call. Once everyone has that information, they can enter the number into their desk phone and join the meeting. To avoid missed calls, you can even share the call recordings with all the participants after the meeting is over.

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