Audio Conferencing Included in E3

Audio Conferencing Included in E3:

Whether you are looking to host a conference call or just need a dial-in number for your PC, you will be glad to know that you can now add Audio Conferencing to your Office 365 subscription. So, read the article to get information on this Audio Conferencing Included in E3.

Shared dial-in numbers are toll numbers:

Using shared dial-in numbers (also called dial-in conferencing numbers) for audioconferencing in E3 is a convenient way to call into meetings. These numbers are assigned automatically when you set up your audio conferencing license in the Office 365 admin center. There are many different ways to use them.

You can create a new toll service number, or you can port an existing number to a shared service number. You can also choose to assign a dedicated number to your organization. This will make your meeting invitations look unique.

There are two main ways to use a toll service number: dial-in or dial-out. For dial-in, callers will be billed per minute. This means that you must have a positive Communications Credits balance in order to call into an Audio Conferencing meeting. You can also use a toll-free number to dial into a meeting. This will cost you per minute, and you will need to have a positive Communications Credits balance in advance.

Dial-in capabilities for PC or Web-based meetings:

Using Microsoft Teams, you can schedule a meeting that can be attended by mobile or landline attendees. If you’re out of town or traveling, dial-in meetings are a great way to stay in touch with colleagues.

The feature can be found in both the Microsoft Teams desktop application and the web-based Zoom application. A teleconference – or meeting – can be initiated with a simple click. For more information, see How to set up meetings.


Microsoft Teams also features an audio conferencing capability. Dial-in conferences are particularly useful when the internet is not working or a cell phone is not working properly. It’s also a good way to stay connected when you’re on the road since you don’t need a laptop.

The “record meeting” feature is another great way to record a teleconference or web conference, as it records both the teleconference and the web conference in one go. Using the “record meeting” function, you can select which participants to dial out to, and change the volume of their calls.

Ability to host audio-only telephone conferences:

Having more than one phone number may not be the most practical way to host a conference. The number of attendees in a meeting may exceed the number of available phone numbers, especially if you need to dial out toll-free numbers.

The ability to host a conference call using the PSTN is a feature available in Microsoft 365. For businesses that want to avoid the expense of a dedicated conference line, Microsoft provides a suite of local phone numbers for over 250 cities in over 60 countries.

There are a few pitfalls to keep in mind, however. For example, you should be aware that a conference bridge phone number is automatically added to the meeting invitation. Also, be aware that you should not dial out to a toll-free number in a non-premium zone, as you will be billed per minute.

Microsoft provides local audio conferencing numbers in over 250 cities around the world. This means you can host a meeting with up to 250 participants without having to pay for a dedicated conference line.

Adding it to your Office 365 subscription:

Adding Audio Conferencing to your Office 365 subscription will help your team collaborate more easily. During meetings, participants can join the conference using a local or toll-free phone number. These numbers can be obtained through the Pax8 catalog. There are many dial-in numbers available for major cities around the world.

Audio Conferencing is available as an add-on to Office 365 E1 or E3. The feature is available on a pay-per-minute basis. There are several different options to choose from, including a Business Premium license. If an organization requires specific features, it may need to buy multiple add-on licenses.

Teams is a collaboration platform that enables organizations to work together on various devices. Users have access to an IM and PC meeting feature, as well as unlimited dial-in capabilities. They can also use the Teams Operator Connect program to add third-party operators to their meetings. The Microsoft Teams conferencing license is included in qualifying Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise subscriptions.

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