Teams Audio Conferencing License

Why You Need a Teams Audio Conferencing License?

Having a Teams Audio Conferencing License can help you improve communication within your team, and make it easier to work with other employees. You can now join a meeting without a PIN, and you can dial in for audio conferencing more easily.

Dial-in audio conferencing is easier and more convenient:

Whether you are hosting a meeting or working in an organization, dial-in audio conferencing is a great way to join a meeting. There are several advantages to using this method, including better audio quality and the convenience of dialing into a meeting from anywhere in the world. But, before you set up audio conferencing in Microsoft Teams, you’ll need to purchase a Teams Audio Conferencing License.

There are two types of licenses for audio conferencing. One is a Pay Per Minute (PPM) license, and the other is a standard license. Each license can be assigned to a single user, or multiple users can be assigned to a single license.

The pay-per-minute license is a great way to join meetings without incurring a monthly expense. If you choose this type of license, you’ll be able to dial into meetings using a toll or standard rate phone number. However, you may be charged for long-distance calls.

The standard license is a good choice for organizations that require audio conferencing on a regular basis but do not have the budget to purchase a pay-per-minute license. This license includes sixty minutes per user per month, which can be used to dial non-premium phone numbers in Zone A countries.

Allows anyone to join a meeting without a PIN:

During a meeting, you can dial into the conference using a phone or a computer with speakers and a microphone. However, to use this feature, you need a Teams Audio Conferencing license.

To obtain a Teams Audio Conferencing license, you must first sign up for Office 365. After you sign up, you will receive a Personal Identification Number (PIN). You can keep the PIN confidential.

After you’ve signed up, you can create new meetings in Microsoft Teams. You can also add a conference call number to Outlook for Windows or Mac. The PIN will be displayed in your calendar view, so you’ll know what to enter when you want to join the meeting.

When you’re ready to start the meeting, you can call in using the phone number provided in your invitation. Once you’re in the meeting, you’ll need to enter your PIN and the conference ID number.


The PIN is a five-digit numeric code assigned to each Microsoft Teams user. It is unique to each user and prevents you from having to wait in the meeting lobby for the meeting to begin.

Will no longer charge customers for audio conferencing:

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced that they will no longer charge customers for audio conferencing in Microsoft Teams. This will allow people to participate in meetings through phone lines, rather than via the web or desktop.

Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 package. It is included in eligible Microsoft 365 Business and Enterprise subscriptions. Alternatively, Teams is available as a standalone add-on.

Teams meetings will not include screen-sharing or chat. To join a meeting, users will receive an invitation in their Microsoft Teams app with a link to join the meeting through a landline or phone.

Users will need to have a Teams Plan license in order to use this feature. In addition, they may also need an Audio Conferencing add-on license, which allows them to use a phone line to join meetings.

Customers can also port their existing toll-free number into Teams. They will receive unlimited dial-in capabilities in their Teams meetings. However, if you need to have calls to Toll-Free numbers, you will need to buy communication credits.

Issues with the dial-in for the audio conferencing service:

Despite the fact that Microsoft Teams audio conferencing service license is available, some users are facing intermittent issues with the dial-in. This may be due to a configuration error or an incorrect license. If you experience these issues, you can open a ticket with Microsoft. The Messaging Team will help you fix the issue and get you back up and running.

Dial-in audio conferencing provides users with the ability to join meetings from a telephone. It is a convenient and more secure way to participate in Teams meetings. You can also invite other callers to participate in your Teams meeting. So, you can also call international phone numbers. You may be charged a call rate if you dial out to a toll-free number. However, if you have a positive Communications Credits balance, you may be able to make calls to international numbers for free.

Using dial-in audio conferencing service is recommended for people in organizations who do not have access to Teams on computers or mobile devices. This service provides more reliable phone quality and is easier for people to use. However, there are still some key features that you will not be able to enjoy when attending Teams meetings on the phone.

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