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Vodafone 100 and GigaNetwork 5G – What Makes Vodafone So Great?

What makes Vodafone so great? Besides offering 100% cashback on prepaid recharges, Vodafone also sources 100% renewable electricity and offers GigaNetwork 5G. Read on to discover the features of Vodafone’s broadband services. So, read the article to get information on this Vodafone 100.

Here’s a breakdown of its various packages. Its cheapest option, Vodafone 100, offers download speeds of up to 100Mbps. It’s the perfect choice for households with multiple devices. And, as far as the speed of upload is concerned, Vodafone Superfast 200 provides the fastest speeds – 200Mbps/uploads, perfect for a medium-sized household of five heavy internet users.

Vodafone offers a range of broadband packages:

When it comes to home broadband, Vodafone has an excellent range of packages. If you have a landline, you can take advantage of broadband packages that come with line rental and a calling plan, as well as anytime landline and mobile calls. You can choose from a range of speeds and bundles, and many packages also include extras, such as a static IP address, a web domain, email addresses, and technical support.

Depending on your needs and location, Vodafone has a broadband package that’s right for you. Superfast 1 has average download speeds of 38Mbps and upload speeds of 20Mbps. This package is suited for small to medium-sized households looking to stream high-quality video content and play online games.

It also comes with a minimum speed guarantee, and if you’re not happy with the speed, you can always get a refund or upgrade to another package. Vodafone also offers a high-speed broadband package, called Gigafast, which offers average speeds of 67Mbps. The speed of Vodafone’s superfast 2 is suitable for larger homes and is suitable for streaming high-quality videos.

It offers 100% cashback on prepaid recharges:

Vodafone is once again offering customers a chance to save big with a cashback offer on select prepaid recharges. Just like Reliance Jio, Vodafone is also offering 100% cashback on prepaid recharges. Users can avail of this cashback offer on select prepaid recharge packs, starting from Rs 399 to Rs 458.


To help the offer, customers need to log in to their My Vodafone app. Those who make a recharge with the vouchers received will get Rs 50 worth of Vodafone coupons.

Alternatively, you can use Amazon Pay to get 100% cashback on recharges. It offers recharge vouchers or codes that you can use on any network and get cashback on your Vodafone, Jio, or Airtel recharge. You can use Amazon Pay to pay your bill too. There are no additional charges for using Amazon Pay. You can even use it to pay for your groceries or get cashback from other brands.

It sources 100% renewable electricity:

By July 2021, Vodafone will run its entire European network on 100% renewable electricity, from 11 markets. This move aligns with the company’s mission to improve the lives of one billion people. The company also pledged to reduce its carbon footprint by 50% by 2025 and recycle 100% of its waste as part of the circular economy.

To make its pledge a reality, the company has taken steps to achieve both goals. Currently, it sources 13 percent of its power from renewable sources. To celebrate this landmark, the company will launch a new campaign that features its iconic brand going green. The campaign will run across key digital channels in 12 countries.

The announcement marks a significant step forward for the company’s greening activities, accelerating its commitment to climate change. It has accelerated its target to buy 100% renewable electricity in Europe by 2025 and has committed to going 100% renewable in Africa by 2025. However, it has a longer timeframe for its efforts than some other companies.

It offers GigaNetwork 5G:

The new network will bring higher computing power and capacity. This will allow users to experience cutting-edge services, including real-time browsing. Users will need to own a 5 G-enabled phone and contract to use the new network. But it is not just about speed – the network will also offer a range of other benefits that make it more attractive.

In this review, we’ll explore how 5G will improve the overall experience for mobile users. The five-year-old network will be more than 100 times faster than previous generations. That means you can expect to receive speeds up to 20 Gbps – one hundred times faster than your current connection.

You can expect to experience a 100-fold speed increase in no time at all. The network will be available in certain parts of Australia but not in all. Vodafone has acquired 90 MHz of spectrum in the 3.7 GHz frequency band and 20 MHz in the 2.6 GHz band. Those two bands have been auctioned off and will be used by the network.

It offers fiber optic broadband:

If you’re a home user looking for a fiber optic broadband connection, you may have heard of Vodafone’s Superfast 2 service. With an average download speed of 82Mbps, Vodafone’s top superfast package is ideal for most households. But if you need to do more than browse the internet and stream movies, then you’ll want to upgrade to Vodafone’s Superfast 100 service. In the UK, this speed is perfect for households with several internet users and a high need for download speed.

There are a number of different plans from Vodafone available to meet the requirements of every budget and need. Vodafone Superfast 1 costs less than some ADSL deals, and the Vodafone Superfast 2 service is often available for the same price. It costs slightly more to upgrade to the Vodafone Pro package, but you also get some extras like Apple TV. You can also upgrade to a faster FTTP service, although the prices will increase accordingly. The cost of the 100Mb FTTP service is PS25 per month, while the most expensive service is 910Mb Vodafone Gigafast.

It offers not-spots:

The latest mobile phone news is that Vodafone is offering rural communities free mobile coverage. The network provider promises to bring the first of these not-spots online by the end of the year. The process involves nominating a ‘Village Champion’ who will help to find suitable sites for Vodafone equipment.

He or she will also need to secure permission from local property owners and obtain the support of the local MP. After receiving the necessary permissions, the community can proceed with applying for the open sure signal.


Vodafone has built its own mobile phone tower to support the project using renewable sources. This allows it to cover areas where there are no electrical cables. The off-grid mobile tower was built in the UK, making the initiative an environmental and social initiative.

Although telcos traditionally have been reluctant to invest heavily in infrastructure, it is a welcome move for the rural community. The new network aims to improve mobile coverage in the UK and in the developing world.

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