Skype vs Zoom

What’s the Difference between Skype Vs Zoom? If you’re deciding between Skype and Zoom for your business needs, it’s important to understand how they compare. Both services are great for making calls, but their features are different enough to warrant a different recommendation. Below we’ll cover sound quality, meeting caps, and privacy concerns. Both services … Read more

Wireless Camera for Zoom Meetings

Zoom Meetings Cameras: Millions of people turned to video-conferencing apps to keep in touch with family and friends during the lockdown. Video calls have been vital for business too. Allowing staff to maintain contact with colleagues and clients while working from home. And even when lockdown restrictions are a thing of the past. Video calls … Read more

Conference Room Camera for Zoom

Conference Room Camera: With more teams working across offices and homes. There is more need than ever for conference rooms to be equipped with the teachers to share meetings with those working remotely. Conference room cameras need features to home in on subjects and select sounds without requiring participants to use mics and headphones. The … Read more