Samsung Conference Call

How to Join a Conference Call on Your Samsung Mobile Phone?

You can easily add other people to a conference call through Samsung’s phone app. Simply open the phone app, select a contact or number, and click on the “Add to Conference” button. To make the conference call even more productive, you can switch to video mode and add more contacts. By switching to video mode, you can also turn the conference call into a video. Once you’ve done this, you can continue the call or switch to another one.

How to join a conference call?

If you want to join a conference call on your Samsung mobile phone, you’ll first need to know how to do it.

  1. You can do this by holding down the Conference button on the phone’s touch screen or keyboard.
  2. This will place the first person on hold and the second person on hold, and allow you to mute or disconnect them.
  3. Before joining the conference call, be sure to practice the bridge and be ready to go before the time you’ve agreed upon.
  4. To add a second party to the call, you can press the Add Call icon on the home screen.
  5. You can also access this icon from the recent call list or the address book.
  6. After you’ve added the second party, the screen will say “Conference Call.”
  7. Once the second caller joins the call, you can speak to them together. You can also hit the End Call icon to end the call and end the second caller.
  8. Be sure not to add more people to a conference call, as this will decrease the quality of the experience.

How do add participants?

The Samsung phone app has the functionality to make conference calls, and you can use this feature to set up meetings with multiple people at one time.

  • To start a conference call, launch the Samsung phone app, and tap “Conference Call.” This feature is available on Android OS Version 10.0 (Q) and Australian variants of the Galaxy S9.
  • To add participants, simply open the Samsung phone app and enter their names and contact information.
  • Next, use the keypad to dial the first party.
  • Alternatively, choose a contact from your phone book and tap the Add Person button.
  • Once you’ve selected the name of the recipient, select the remaining participants and press the “Add Person” button.
  • You can add more people to a conference call by selecting them individually, or by combining them all into one.
  • This method is convenient because you can start the call right away and manage participants later, as needed.

How to mute a caller on a conference call?

If you want to mute a caller on a Samsung conference calling session, you’ll need to know how to unmute yourself.

  • Press *6 to mute yourself.
  • The mute icon will turn green, and the voice call is muted.
  • Some phones also have a Mute action on the Phone Options card or within the Sound quick setting.
  • The process is different for each device, so you should refer to the manual to learn how to use your conference phone.

One reason to mute calls is to keep the conversation clear. No one enjoys being on a conference call when other people are talking. Using mute phones to block all background noises is a great way to ensure that you and your meeting stay on track and avoid derailments. However, it can be difficult to determine how to mute a caller on a Samsung conference call.

How to hold two calls simultaneously?

A Samsung phone can hold two conference calls at the same time.

  • Simply dial the first contact to start the call.
  • You can add more people to the call by dialing the second number.
  • Then, hang up to let the other party know that the conference is over.
  • Then, repeat the process to create a new call.
  • You can hold two conference calls simultaneously if you want.
  • To join a conference call, download the Samsung conference calling app and sign up for a free trial.


On the call management screen, tap on the blue “i” button. This will show you the names and numbers of other participants. To disconnect from the conference call, tap the “End Call” button. You can also press the Back arrow to go back to the call management screen. When the conference call is over, tap the “End Call” button to disconnect the other participants. To join another conference call, follow the same steps described above.

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