Kandao Meeting 360

Make Remote Meeting Smarter:

So, Kandao Meeting 360 Degree All in one Conferencing Camera gives you a true face-to-face meeting experience by delivering 1080P HD video with crystal clear audio. Make remote Meetings smarter. So, to combine a 360 camera, 8 omnidirectional microphones, and 2 full-duplex speakerphones in an affordable package, Kandao 360 video conference camera offers the feature of auto-focus that is unique at this price point. Plug and play compatible with various video conferencing platforms. It offers a simple to use, high-quality audio and video solution for a remote meeting of any size.

Kandao Meeting 360:

So, the Kandao Meeting is geared towards the active speaker. Also, if multiple speakers are activated, the screen is split up, with a 360-degree view at the top and close-up shots of the active speakers at the bottom. The camera can also recognize the dynamic speaker and follow it with a smooth panning in the presentation mode.

360 Intelligent video Conferencing Camera:

  • Dynamically highlight different participants as they talk
  • Automatically recongnize and follow the different active speakers with smooth panning
  • 360-Degree field-of-view to capture an entire room and high audio quality for clear conversation
  • Improve the video Conferencing experience for remote workers and mobile employees

The meeting can be used in one of three modes:

Discussion mode highlights each speaker around the room and highlights them when they talk. So, the presentation mode dynamically changes the camera focus onto the person who is speaking. And Global mode, which captures the whole room with both cameras.

Also, the system is powered by the included 12v power adapter and a USB cable is included to connect to a Mac or Windows computer.

How to use Kandao Meeting 360:

Using it is easy, simply plug it into a laptop with a USB and launch your streaming software. So, it is compatible with several of the most popular streaming software, including Teams and Zoom.

  • All-in-one conferecing camera
  • Works with popular conferencing apps such as Teams and Zoom
  • 8K 360 view of the entire conference room without stitching
  • Intelligent auto-tracking

Intelligent Tracking and Auto-Focus:

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, Kandao Meeting’s video conferencing systems automatically focus on the active speaker. When there are different active speakers engaged, it will split the screen with a 360 wide-angle view display on top and a close-up shot of active speakers below.

No Need for External Operating System:

You can use Kandao Meeting as an independent video conferencing terminal. The external computer is no longer needed. You can start the conference by connecting to the screen through HDMI.

Speaker can always be in center:

Also, it supports both 1080P and 720P output, while providing H.264 and MJPEG as encoding formats. Users can switch flexibly when using different video conferencing platforms.

Connecting Kandao Meeting 360 to Displayer:

  1. So, connecting Kandao Meeting 360 to power adapter.
  2. Connecting the Kandao Meeting 360 and displayer through HDMI port.
  3. Long press ON/OFF button to turn on the Kandao Meeting 360 with green light on.
  4. You can connect the network through Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.
  5. Open video conference platform(for example Skype, Zoom). Successful connection to the meeting achieved when blue light remains on.
  6. Short press ON/OFF button to enter “sleep mode” when meeting is over.
  7. Long press ON/OFF button to turn OFF the Kandao 360, if necessary.

Key Features of Kandao Meeting 360:

  • 8K 360 view of the entire conference room without stitching
  • Sends 1080P25 video over USB
  • Two wide, fisheye lenses with 220 field of view, f/2.4 aperture
  • Intelligent auto-tracking, auto-ISO, auto-exposure, autofocus
  • Push the Hidden pop-up camera for privacy
  • Eight omnidirectional microphones pick up audio from up 13′ away
  • Two 10W full-duplex speakers
  • Works with Cisco Webex, Zoom, Slack, and GoToMeeting
  • Plug and play design, connect to Windows or Mac computer with USB cable


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