Jazz International Roaming Code

Jazz International Roaming Code:

Jazz International Roaming Code allows Jazz Postpaid customers to roam in 36 destinations at affordable rates. This includes calls, SMS, and data roaming. Activating roaming on your Jazz phone is quick and easy. Call the 111 helpline for details.

Whether it is Umrah or Hajj, visiting family in Dubai or Turkey, or just having fun on your cruise ship, Jazz Maritime Roaming will give you an international experience at local rates.


When traveling abroad, calling your Jazz number is easy. The network offers incredible roaming rates and great packages to keep you connected while abroad. In addition to calls, Jazz also offers international SMS and data roaming. It’s a great option for travelers who need to stay in touch with friends and family.

Jazz customers can enjoy voice, text, and data roaming on a wide range of airlines. Inflight roaming is available for Postpaid customers only (not for Prepaid). The charges vary according to the destination and operator.

You can check the call rates for your destination on the Jazz website. So, the site lists the prices for various destinations around the world, including a list of popular cities and the cost of calling them from Pakistan. The rates are also listed by zone. The rate for a specific zone will be applied when the call is billed to your account.

Whether you’re going to Hajj or just visiting a friend in the US, Jazz’s Maritime Roaming service will help you save money on your trip. The service offers affordable rates in over 30 countries, including the USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and more. The rates are charged per minute.



Keeping in touch with friends and family is easy with Jazz’s first-ever Roaming SMS. Whether you’re on an Umrah or Hajj journey or visiting your relatives abroad. You can now stay in touch with loved ones via SMS even when you’re overseas. Simply use your existing mobile number to send and receive SMS.

With Jazz’s international roaming service, you can stay in touch with your loved ones while traveling abroad for a fraction of the cost you would incur back home. All you need to do is ensure that your mobile is latched on to the operator of the visited country.

You can also activate data roaming on your mobile while on the move, allowing you to access online content and services. This way, you can be productive on the go without worrying about data costs. Just remember to check the rates of your chosen destination before you roam abroad, as they vary based on the provider and the type of service.

So, to save money on your international calls, we recommend choosing an all-in-one package such as the Jazz Weekly Premium. This plan offers 10GB of data, 500 Jazz to Jazz minutes, and 50 other network minutes for a week. You can also opt for the Jazz Monthly Super Duper, which provides 2,000 Jazz to Jazz minutes, 200 other network minutes, and 5GB of data for a month.

Unlike call rates, SMS prices are determined by the SMSC of your visited country and depend on the country and operator. The SMSC also determines how long it will store your messages. You can ask the SMSC to retain your messages longer by using an SMS feature on your handset.


Whether you are traveling to perform Hajj or Umrah, visiting family in the USA, Dubai, or Turkey. Or simply on a fun-filled international trip, Jazz has your back when it comes to your mobile data. Jazz prepaid roaming offers incredibly affordable rates in 30 countries.

Calls & SMS are free of cost but data is charged at an extremely economical rate of only 30 Rupees/MB. This is much cheaper than the rates when you are roaming on a plane!

You can even use the onboard WiFi network if your vessel has it so that you can text and call with internet-based apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Skype. This will save you from bill shock and also help you keep in touch with friends & family while on board.

All you need is a valid Mobilink Jazz prepaid number and a USSD code (*123*14DigitCode#) to activate data roaming. Besides data, you can also use other features on your phone while on Jazz prepaid international roaming like Jazz Share, Jazz Load, and balance inquiry through 111 Helpline. You can even visit TOPUP outlets to load money on your phone and send it to a family member while you are abroad.

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