Jazz Hourly Call Packages

Jazz Hourly Call Packages:

Pakistan’s number one network, Jazz brings you Jazz call packages hourly offers 2022. So the user can talk with friends and family members in Pakistan. Jazz, the top-ranking telecom carriers company in Pakistan affords wonderful calls, SMS, and web programs to its customers.

It maintains the niceness of its offerings with the aid of the use of integrated technology and present-day strategies. Jazz now offers its customer Hourly Jazz Call Packages at affordable rates. Some voice bundles will be only available for a duration of 24 hours, and some packages will automatically expire at midnight.


Jazz is a telecom service since the mid-2000s. The company has a significant number of users as well as running a major part of the telecommunications division in Pakistan. Jazz is the choice of every Pakistani.

Jazz Hourly Call Packages are essential and prove very helpful in times of need. These packages are not for a longer duration, these packages are available from one hour to some hours. Jazz has announced this new Ghanta Package Offer for Jazz easy package subscribers.

Jazz 24 Hour Call Package:

PriceRs. 14+ Tax
Data0 MB
Jazz Minutes300 mins
Other Network MinutesNo
Subscription Code*340#

Jazz Student Offer 2 Hours:

PriceRs. 7.99 Incl. Tax
DataUnlimited Data for Facebook
Jazz MinutesUnlimited mins
Other Network MinutesNo
Subscription Code*3000#

Jazz Ghanta Offer package:

PriceRs. 2 Incl. Tax
Data0 MB
Jazz MinutesUnlimited
Other Network MinutesNo
Subscription Code*105*1#

Jazz 12 hours Call Packages:

PriceRs. 6 Incl. Tax
DataFree Facebook
On-Net Minutes250 mins
Subscription Code*281#

Jazz 2 Hours Friends Bundle:

PriceRs. 8 Incl. Tax
On-Net Minutes250 Mins
Subscriptions Code*3000# or *555#


All of the above mention Jazz Hourly Call Packages are available at affordable prices. In addition, you will receive SMS and internet packages also as part of these packages. Jazz always cares about its customers so, it provides different packages to facilitate customers.

If you want to know about other Jazz packages then visit our previous post. There we provide all packages in detail for you. Enjoy your best Jazz Hourly Call Package now with Jazz.

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