International Conference 2022

Felsted School International Conference 2022:

With all the conferences, trade shows, and networking events going on every day, CIIC2022 may seem like a daunting task. But by reading this article, you will learn about the upcoming Felsted School International Conference 2022, IEEE World Congress on Services 2022, and the ICLR 2022.

And you’ll learn about some of the most importantly new ways to be involved in these conferences. The list below is some tips for getting involved.


The CIIC22 International Conference on Integrated Imaging for Cardiovascular Diseases will take place on 12-16 September in Lisbon, Portugal. As a free IAEA event, the conference will bring together experts in all areas of cardiovascular imaging.

As a green event, the conference will focus on waste reduction, recycling, and environmentally friendly catering. A series of virtual keynote events will precede the conference. The conference is free for CIIC members, but there will be a registration fee.

Felsted School International Conference 2022:

After the worldwide pandemic in September, Felsted School invited students from many schools to its Model United Nations conference in September. So Students represented various countries at the event and voiced their opinions to make a difference.

The conference brought students from 15 independent and state schools together to debate various issues and bring about positive change. Felsted School is proud to be a member of the Round Square Conference, an association of world schools.

IEEE World Congress on SERVICES 2022:

The IEEE World Congress on Services will take place in Barcelona, Spain, from May 6 to 9, 2020. So the Congress organizes under the auspices of the Technical Committee on Services Computing of the IEEE Computer Society.

The objective of the Congress is to provide a unique platform for a diverse community of constituents and to foster global collaboration and networking. Also, the goal is to attract participants from a variety of backgrounds, institutions, and countries.

ICLR 2022:

ICLR 2022 is the Tenth International Conference on Learning Representations. It is a premier event for research into representational learning. So this conference is a global leader in deep learning research and one of the most influential conferences in the field.

Papers presented at ICLR 2022 span many disciplines and will include artificial intelligence, machine vision, speech recognition, statistics, and data science. In addition to academics, the ICLR attracts a diverse range of researchers from both industrial and academic settings, including graduate students and entrepreneurs.

ISA 2022:

The ISA is accepting abstract submissions for the 2022 Annual Conference. So this year’s conference will there in Philadelphia, PA, USA, and virtual participation is available for key sessions. Abstracts are due by January 27, 5 pm.

The conference was limited to 1,000 attendees. Meanwhile for more information and to register, visit the ISA website. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the conference. Listed below are some helpful tips for presenting at ISA 2022.

ICLR 2022 virtual site:

If you haven’t yet visited the ICLR 2022 virtual site, you might want to do so now. It will be available to the public after May 29th. This virtual site was designed by ICLR’s Reviewers, Senior Area Chairs, and Volunteers. It will feature the inaugural blog post track. Once the site is online, attendees can sign up using their email. Once they do, they can then view their calendar or bookmarks.

ICLR 2022 blog post track:

The ICLR blog post track will be the first of its kind. So submit posts will reviewing by conference chairs who will choose reviewers from the list of registered bloggers. So the purpose of this track is to give an opportunity to researchers to discuss their research informally.

The blog posts should also foster transparency and openness in the discussion of scientific publications. Kyle Wiggers, a news editor of the AI Weekly, is coordinating this first edition.

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