Hutch Unlimited Data Packages 30 Days

Hutch Unlimited Data Packages – Anytime, Off Peak, and Ghost:

Hutch Sri Lanka has introduced a new range of Anytime Data plans for its prepaid customers. These packages remove the restriction of nighttime quotas and allow users to surf the internet any time of the day. So, read more to get information on this Hutch Unlimited Data Packages 30 Days.

The plans also come with unlimited YouTube video streaming but only up to 480p quality after the FUP. You can activate these packages by dialing 131# or using the Hutch Self-Care app.


Hutch has a lot of data, voice, and combo plans that are suitable for everyone. They also have Smart Postpay plans that are tailored to your usage patterns giving you freedom and peace of mind from bill shocks.

The company is the 3rd largest provider in Sri Lanka and they have decent coverage across the country. They offer some of the lowest rates for data in the market and they are always trying to improve their service.

Besides the unlimited packages, they also have other plans such as 2G Internet packs which are ideal for web surfing and basic online applications. These packs give you generous data allowances at a low price but the speeds are frustratingly slow. There is also the Study from Home Buddy plan which gives parents complete peace of mind while their children are studying from home by blocking access to applications that can distract them. This is available for a monthly fee of 147 LKR and can be activated by dialing a USSD code or by texting i147 to 101.


Hutch has introduced a series of work, study, and zoom data packages that include unlimited YouTube video streaming. The plans are available to both prepaid and postpaid customers. They can be activated via the cliQ app, USSD codes, or HUTCH Self Care. The company also offers non-stop internet packages, which are valid for a specific period. These are available in 3 variants: Anytime, off-peak, and ghost.

The Work, Study, and Zoom Package is designed to provide students with dedicated data access to educational platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. This will allow them to participate in online learning sessions and virtual meetings without having to worry about data charges. The plan also has generous data quotas, which will ensure that students can use the Internet for their studies without having to worry about running out of data.


Another benefit of the Work, Study, and Zoom Package is that it allows students to attend virtual classes and meetings while keeping their phone battery charged. This will enable them to learn more effectively and stay connected with their peers. In addition, the package is simple to activate and is available to both prepaid and postpaid users.


Hutch Unlimited Data Packages offer a variety of pricing options that cater to different needs and budgets. For example, students can choose from a number of packages that provide unlimited YouTube video streaming and standard definition web browsing for 147 LKR (30 days – activation code: dial *131# or text i147 to 102).

Hutch also offers nonstop internet plans with generous data quotas for select periods. These plans can be purchased and activated via the cliQ app for prepaid users, or by using a USSD code for postpaid customers.

In addition, the company offers a range of Smart Postpay Plans that let students download movies, stream music, host video conferences, and stay connected to their social media accounts without worrying about running out of data. These plans are available for prepaid and postpaid users, and they come in three variants: any-time, off-peak, and ghost. Activation codes for these plans can be found on the company’s website. The plans are reasonably priced, too, with a 2-hour pack costing only 154 LKR. The plan’s validity period expires at the end of the day, so you don’t have to worry about running out of data in the middle of the night.


Hutch is a reliable network provider, providing excellent coverage nationwide and offering some of the lowest rates in Sri Lanka. The network has recently upgraded to 4G/LTE, which allows for faster internet speeds and better reliability. The network also offers a number of non-stop internet plans, which provide unlimited data for a certain period of time. These are available for both pre-paid and post-paid customers.

Hutch’s Zoom Package is a great option for students. As it offers extended validity periods and generous data quotas. This enables students to participate in online classes and meetings without worrying about running out of data. In addition, the Zoom Package offers access to TRC-approved e-learning websites. Which promotes effective learning and enhances the overall online learning experience.

Another good option for students is cliQ, which provides unlimited data packages with no FUP. These packages can be purchased and activated through the CliQ app. Or by using a USSD code. The CLIQ plans are available for both pre-paid and post-paid users. They include Anytime, Off-Peak, and Ghost non-stop internet plans.

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