How to Check Sims on CNIC?

How to Check Sims on CNIC?

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To check SIMs registered on your CNIC, simply enter your number in the field below and click the search button. This method is reliable and easy to use.


Whether you’re concerned about unauthorized usage or simply curious, there are several easy ways to check SIMs on CNIC. The process takes advantage of the PTA’s SIM information system, which maintains a digital record of all GSM connections linked to a particular ID. Using this method can help you prevent unauthorized use and ensure your safety by blocking any unnecessary SIM connections.

This free Android app allows you to easily check all Pakistani mobile numbers registered on your CNIC. It also gives you the name, address, and NADRA id card number of the owner. It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to stay safe from potential identity theft.

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There are a few ways to check how many SIMs are registered against your CNIC. One way is to use the PTA SIM Information System website. This will show you a list of all active SIMs in your name, operator wise, along with their biometric verification status. Another way is to call 345 and ask the operator verbally how many SIMs are registered against your CNIC.

The cellular companies have also set up an SMS service that allows you to check your CNIC registration status. This will give you a complete record of all your SIM connections, including their name and address. It will also let you know if your SIM is blocked.

If you have any unauthorized SIMs, it is best to block them immediately. This will prevent them from being used to commit fraud or other crimes. You can also contact the cellular company to report a lost or stolen SIM card. The customer support team will assist you in blocking the number.



Jazz is one of the leading cellular operators in Pakistan, providing a seamless 4G network. The company is also known for its pocket-friendly packages and mind-blowing deals. It is one of the four GSM mobile service providers catering to millions of cellular subscribers in the country, including Warid, Telenor, and Zong. Its subscribers can check the number of SIMs registered on their CNIC by submitting their ID card details online or sending an SMS. Alternatively, they can also call the helpline and ask them to verify the number of active SIMs on their CNIC. However, this method will incur a charge of PKR 2 plus tax. Moreover, it will not give you the complete list of active SIMs on your CNIC.

To check your Jazz sim status, just enter your CNIC number and hit enter.


There are four GSM mobile operators in Pakistan; Jazz/Warid, Zong, Telenor, and Ufone. All of them have their own network code series that can help you identify the network a number belongs to. You can use this information to verify your SIM card and block any unused ones.

You can also check your SIM status through the PTA website or by sending an SMS to 7000. This service is free of charge, but it requires you to have your CNIC number handy.

Jazz is the country’s largest cellular provider, with a customer base of more than 59 million people. The company is owned by VimpelCom and Dhabi Group, and recently announced a merger with Warid to bring the best of both brands under one entity. With a combined force of over 200,000 retail outlets and 535 Jazz Points and Experience Centers, Jazz is always ready to provide its customers with the highest standards of service.

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