How to Activate Conference Call?

Activate Conference Call:

A conference call is a type of call where we connected several people at the same time. But these processes need to take more things that are more important before the conference call. With the Conference Call feature, you can add up to 4 numbers on a conference call including on-net, off-net, and international numbers.

Each call log will be treated and charged as a new call according to the packages and devices. In case you have free minutes then they would be consumed first. It’s very important to activate your conference call first before you make a conference call.


What happens if your Conference call is not activated?

Here you will come to know that what happens if your conference call is not activated. Following are the causes due to which your conference call is not activated.

  • The most important thing for activation of a comference call is a best device. If your device is facing issues like hanging, batterry low, software demage then you can’t make activate conference call.
  • Outdated apps.
  • Expiry of packeges.
  • Weak internet connaction.
  • Limit of conference call reach.
  • Data Limit reach.

Features of Activating Conference Call:

Below are the main key features of activating a conference call.

  • Easy to use.
  • Time saving.
  • Connect to several people at one time.
  • After activating conference call you can make it anywhere anytime.
  • After activation you can enjoy all features of conference call.
  • You can access all the controls of conference call when it is activated.
  • When you activate conference call you can use it on-net as well as off-net.

How do you set up a conference call?

You can set up a conference call in three simple sets,

  • Set up your Cnferece Call:

Choose a date/time of your conference call.

  • Invite paricipants to the call:

Send all participants an invitation with your PIN, date/time, and numbers.

  • Start your call:

At the agreed time, all participants dial in and enter their PIN to join your conference call.


How to Activate Conference Call?

To activate a conference call on your device you just need to do that, you get the code for activation. This code depends on your app or system on which you make a conference call. There is different activation code for different apps like if you want to activate a conference call on any network. The activation code for it is different according to the network. Like Zone, Telenor, Uphone, Jazz, etc. Just put the code when you activated the conference call on your network.

Conference call is available on all prepaid packages and postpaid numbers. So you just get the best package on your network and follow the steps to activate the packages.


Every day of our life we connected all of our friends and colleagues. That is why we need to have the best system to perform this activity. Conference call is one of them, but due to its activation experience, no one can have command on it. For that, we are here to tell you about the activation of the conference call. Also the best activation codes and packages for you.

Still, If you facing any issues then context us we will respond to you very soon. Also, guide about the best upcoming apps and packages of conference call activation. Hope you will enjoy these packages.

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