Unable To Make a Conference Call

Unable To Make Conference Call:

We all know very well that every second person on your list faces the problem of being Unable To Make a Conference Call. It is many times an irritating thing and time wasted thing. Now well all are here to come to know about this issue and want to resolve it. We are here today to resolve this issue by providing you with the complete guide to overcome it.

When you set up a conference call to your friends, relatives, and colleagues. A message may appear on your phone, indicating that your phone cannot be connected to the server Or your phone may automatically hang up after the calls are combined. Therefore the user is irritated and doesn’t run conference call again on his device.


This all is happening because currently, the network does not well support the VoLTE conference service. Please provide feedback to your mobile carrier. During a VoLTE conference call, your phone may switch from a 4G VoLTE call to a 2G/3G call.

Why Unable To Make Conference Call?

Your conference call is unable due to several reasons.

  • Weak Network or internet connection.
  • Not being to hear other party.
  • Call drops.
  • Intermittent noise may thus occur.
  • Problem with device mike.
  • Issue with software.
  • Device didnot support confernce call.
  • Outdated version of call logs.

How to resolve the problem of being Unable To Make Conference Call?


We already mention the problems due to which you are unable to make a conference call from your device. Here we provide you with the best solutions to these problems.

  1. First of all check for your device internet connection.
  2. If you are using simple conference call then check the network connection of your Device.
  3. Must check your software its updated or not.
  4. Check Device hardware issues.
  5. Use latest verson of Driver.
  6. Check for data plan.
  7. Check for your ecternal connected handphones.


During making a conference call on your Android. You will face some critical issues which pretending you to make a conference call. The content will help you to resolve such types of issues. So, read the content carefully and get information on this issue to resolve it soon.

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