How to Activate Conference Call on Jazz

How to Activate Conference Call on Jazz?

When setting up a conference call, the first step is to call the person you wish to add to the call. After that, you can continue with the other steps if you’d like. Roll Call will play a recorded list of attendees’ names. In addition, you can use Talk/Listen Mode to allow you and other participants to speak and listen to the speaker. So, read more to get information on this How to Activate Conference Call on Jazz.

Free Conference Calling has a six-hour time limit:

There’s no need to worry if you don’t have enough minutes to make use of Free Conference Calling on Jazz. It’s a free service that allows up to five conference codes per account. Users can then rotate these conference codes for different purposes. You can even record calls and listen to them later with just a click of the mouse. If you’d like to hear the recorded names of the participants, you can enable Name Announcement.

Roll Call plays recorded attendee names:

Roll Call is an audio recording used during conferences that connect three or more people using the same technology. It allows the host of the meeting to hear who is on the call and lets everyone know if there are any incoming attendees. The feature requires attendees to enter their names before joining the call and will announce new attendees as they join.


Talk/Listen Mode allows participants to talk and listen:

This feature allows conference participants to listen and talk at the same time. It is ideal for collaborative conference calls and can accommodate up to 50 conference participants. A conference call in this mode is similar to a telephone conference or audio conferencing. A host can choose the language and greet for the conference call.

Jazz also offers two other conference call modes: presentation and question-and-answer.

presentation mode:

In presentation mode, participants simply listen to the conference without any interaction, whereas in conversation mode, participants can talk and listen simultaneously. The presentation mode is typically used to present materials to a large group. You can also select to allow attendees to raise their hands during the conference call if you’d like.

When participants are speaking during the conference call, there’s a possibility of background noise or echo. To avoid these, mute the non-host lines by pressing *43. To unmute, press *6. This will enable the speakers to hear one another without interruption. Using this mode is helpful for those who need to talk and listen simultaneously.

In addition to muting, participants can also unmute themselves during the conference call by pressing 5* on their telephone keypad. This feature is helpful for conference call hosts who use VOIP or cell phones to make calls. During a conference call, collaboration is the process of many companies and individuals working together to accomplish a common goal.

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