Google Meet Online Classes

How to Implement Google Meet Online Classes:

You can set up classes on Google Meet and easily schedule them on your Google Calendar. You can even schedule meetings on the Meet homepage and view them immediately. However, Google suggests scheduling classes ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.

To get started, you should register for classes at least two days in advance. Read on to learn more about these classes. After registering for classes, you can start implementing them. You can even share links to your class pages through Google.

Push To Talk:

You can use a Chrome extension called “Push To Talk for Google Meet” to enable the mute/unmute feature in Google Meeting online classes. So you can mute yourself in the extension by holding down the space bar, but if you want to be heard by all participants, you can use a different keyboard hotkey, such as ‘Shift’.


Also, you can also configure the extension by changing the default hotkey to any key you like. The best part about Google Meet is its compatibility with other Google services, such as Gmail. If you use Gmail to check your email, it’s easier to schedule a class.

Simply go to the “Google Meet” section in the sidebar of Gmail, then choose to Start a meeting or join an existing meeting. When the class starts, simply select “Join” to invite people. Push To Talk is an extension that supports Google Meet and can be started right from Gmail.


You can create a poll in Google Meet and send it to everyone in the meeting, or you can set it so that only the moderator sees the results. By default, poll results are hidden from everyone, but you can change this setting so that the results will be visible to everyone in the meeting.

To make poll results visible to everyone, simply toggle the Show everyone the results option on the Polling panel. You can also choose to hide the polls after the meeting is over. Once the polling feature is enabled, all participants will receive an email containing the results of the poll.

Once you have set up your poll, you need to link your poll to the correct URL. So you can link your poll to Google Forms or Google Classroom. You can then use these to collect the results of your poll. You can use these polls to engage with your students and organize class resources. Also, you can create a Poll for each question before class, so you can practice before a live class. Just be sure that you create a Poll in the right place.

Integration with Google Classroom:

Integration with Google Classroom is a powerful tool for teachers. It lets you share assignments, manage student files, and post announcements, all from one platform. You can also create separate classes for different types of students. Different students can join different classes, and you can post assignments for various classes with different due dates.

You can even reuse previous assignments and modify them to fit different students’ needs. There are many other benefits of integration with Google Classroom. One of the features that teachers will appreciate is the integration of grading charts. Google Classroom enables teachers to share grades with students while maintaining privacy. Students can also comment on assignments.

The only drawback is that the integration with Google Slides could be better. Students may have a hard time navigating between documents and slides. To remedy this, teachers should show students how to multitask with both tools. In addition, integration with Google Classroom for online classes allows teachers to upload documents and upload files.



Organizers can now easily record their online classes using the new Recording feature in Google Meet. To begin recording a meeting, click the “Start Recording” button. This will save a video file to Google Drive, which can share with the class via email or post to a Moodle resource.

Organizers can stop recording a meeting anytime by clicking the “Stop Recording” button. Recordings can share on the web or shared on YouTube or social media sites. In order to record a class, teachers can either use a schedule or share a link or invite their students via email.


They can then use the recorded lessons to follow up with their students after the meeting. This way, teachers can provide feedback to students, and reflect on their lessons. Recording an online class is also possible by using screen sharing. But make sure to do so in a private, safe place, and not share sensitive information.

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