EE Conference Call

How to Make an EE Conference Call?

Getting an EE conference call can be quite straightforward, but there are some things you should keep in mind. We’ll look at how to set up your call and how much it costs, as well as how to remove or add callers. In addition, we’ll discuss the types of conferencing and how to handle multiple simultaneous calls. Let’s begin! You’ll be happy you followed these tips! Read on to learn more!

How to set up a conference call on EE?

  • You can only make conference calls using the EE network.
  • However, if you’re on another network, you can check your add-ons for free conference calling.
  • Remember, though, that roaming rates will apply if you’re making international calls.
  • You should also check whether your EE account offers group calling, and you can use this option on other networks as well.
  • The next step is to create a conference ID.
  • The ID should be in a number format and avoid a string of numbers like “111111“, “123456“, and so on.

Once you’ve created a conference, you’ll need to add other people to it. To add more callers, simply press the red phone icon next to the name of the person you’d like to add to the call. Then, you’ll need to manage your callers and announce your presence. Be sure to fully charge your phone before joining a conference call so you won’t have any problems making it.


Costs of a conference call on EE:

With EE, you can make free conference calls with an 03 dial-in number. You can use this service for groups of up to 20 people. To make a conference call, the event leader must select a conference ID and then invite attendees to enter it when asked. If you want to make a paid conference call, you need to pay extra for the conference ID. The call duration will be deducted from your bundled minutes.

To make a conference call, you must be a member of the group on EE. You can add other users by calling them via the group settings or by contacting the EE customer support line on 150 or 07953 966 250. Then, wait for the person who is designated to enter the conference call. Then, add participants to the call by pressing the ‘Add’ button.

How to remove a caller from a conference call?

You may be wondering how to remove a particular caller from an EE conference calling session. First, you must open the ‘ongoing calls’ list. From here, you can see all participants and click on the ‘Remove’ button. You can also press the ‘Hang Up’ button to remove the caller from the call. This process can be done from a mobile phone.

  • You can remove a participant from a conference call by dialing the *(star) 3 touch-tone command.
  • Some phone carriers will keep conference calls logged even after the call has ended.
  • This prevents the release of the Call Detail Report, which must be generated after all participants have disconnected.
  • This process is completely free of charge if you have enough minutes on your EE mobile phone plan.

How to add more callers to a conference call?

If you have more than two people joining an EE conference call, you might want to learn how to add more callers. These steps are a bit tedious, and you will have to repeat them each time more than once. Plus, the cost of international calls is quite high. To avoid these hassles, consider using video conferencing instead. It is a better option for a higher-quality audio connection.

  • Once you have the numbers for the people you need to add, you can set up the conference call.
  • This can be done from any phone.
  • If you need to make a group call, use the numbers 150 or 07953 966 250.
  • You can also make a unique conference ID for each member of your group.
  • Try to avoid using number-based conference IDs, such as 111111 or 123456.

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