Cheapest Way to Make International Calls to Landline

Cheapest Way to Make International Calls to Landline:

There are several ways to make international calls cheaply. These include WiFi, Calling cards, Vonage, and Planet Numbers. You can use a combination of methods, depending on your needs. But the most cost-effective method will depend on your destination. If you live in the US, your best option is to use the exit code 011. The rest of the world requires dialing the country code. So, read the article to get information on this Cheapest Way to Make International Calls to Landline.


Depending on your location, WiFi is the cheapest way to make international phone calls. The rates will vary depending on the country you are in and the operator you’re using. You can also use WiFi to send SMS. You may have to pay for the call, so make sure you understand what that means for you before you start calling. Also, if you’re using 4G, make sure to deactivate airplane mode before you use WiFi calling.

Many international calling apps offer affordable plans that cover both mobile and landline numbers. They are also safe and easy to use. A free app such as BOSS Revolution is another great option. You can use it to make international calls and text messages, and it even offers mobile top-ups. The app also offers a feature that lets you play games with other users. In addition, MyLine lets you purchase credit that can be used for international calls, so you can make international phone calls and SMS from your home.

Calling cards:

Calling cards can be a great way to make cheap international calls. Most cards come with a preset value and can be purchased online or from a local store. Once you buy a calling card, you must enter a PIN to activate the service. You can also purchase calling cards that are readable and subsequently repurchased as needed. Some calling cards charge a recharging and maintenance fee, so it is important to check your card’s terms and conditions carefully before using it.

Another great advantage of calling cards is that they provide you with a PIN number and dialing instructions. These are very convenient for international calls and are much cheaper than direct calling. They also let you make calls to non-mobile numbers and even phone numbers in remote regions. They also don’t depend on the type of phone you have.

Planet Numbers:

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to make international calls to a landline, Planet Numbers is the answer. The provider’s international calling plans cover calls to mobiles and landlines. They also cover calls to premium-rate and non-geographic numbers. However, most calling plans are limited to two hours, after which out-of-bundle charges will be applied.

Another option for cheap international calls is to buy international calling cards. These can be purchased online or from some retail stores. Usually, these cards have a preset value. In order to activate the card, you need to dial the access number and the destination number. The rate varies according to the destination but is usually lower than the standard calling rate.



If you’re looking for a cheap way to make international calls, Vonage is an excellent option. It offers a wide range of local numbers and charges only a few cents per minute for mobile and landline calls. It’s perfect for businesses that want to keep their costs down but need to stay in touch with their customers abroad. The service also has a strong customer support and no contracts.

Vonage offers both residential and commercial VoIP solutions. It can even set up a call center for your business. There are a number of add-on features you can purchase, including unlimited international calling and SMS. However, there are some limitations to the home phone plans.


When calling an international destination from your landline, it’s important to understand that the rates will vary, depending on the country. However, Verizon offers several options, including calling cards, international calling plans, and even pay-as-you-go rates for data and talk. While these options are convenient, they can add up to a large bill, especially if you’re calling long distances. In addition, you might have to pay licensing fees and agreements with international providers.

One of the cheapest ways to make international calls on your Verizon plan is to use Skype. You can use the app to make these calls. You may need to pay for the app or the service, depending on where you live. Depending on your needs, you might find that Skype is a great choice.

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