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Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2:

In this article, I will go over the best practices for collaborating via Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. From Floating View to Crystal clear audio and video communication, I’ll talk you through the features of Google Glass that can make your enterprise meetings more productive and effective.

Floating View:

BlueJeans by Verizon is a trusted enterprise-grade video conferencing platform. It’s backed by a world-class network. The company offers three plans, allowing customers to choose month-to-month or annual pricing.

BlueJeans is available for use on desktop, mobile, and web-enabled devices. This makes it easy to collaborate, brainstorm, or conduct remote meetings. With BlueJeans, you can access your meeting chats and recordings indefinitely. You can also stream events on YouTube Live.

BlueJeans Meetings is designed to help remote workers stay connected and safe. The service allows for password-protected meetings and secure access for external and internal parties. These features are available on mobile devices, including Android and iOS.

The company has also recently launched a number of new features that enhance meeting engagement, support multi-modal workflows, and improve user security. In addition, Verizon Business is leveraging the power of its 5G network to provide enhanced capabilities for BlueJeans Mobile.

Crystal clear audio and video communication:

BlueJeans by Verizon is a video conferencing service that provides crystal clear audio and video communication for small and medium-sized businesses. Its services are designed for business users, and it is used by organizations like Square, Upwork, and the US Navy.

BlueJeans has an intuitive interface, and it includes a wide variety of features. Users can share their screens from desktops, meeting rooms, and mobile devices.

This service also allows users to stream to YouTube Live. They can also use interactive tools such as polling and Q&A.

The app also comes with Dolby Voice technology, which provides crystal-clear audio. In fact, its audio quality is better than that of some of its competitors.

With its Smart Meetings feature, BlueJeans helps you capture the most important parts of a session. You can also re-enter the full view with just a click.


Augmented reality meeting experience for Glass Enterprise Edition 2:

During I/O 2022, Google announced a new version of Glass Enterprise. It will allow employees to take part in hands-free meetings. In addition, they will have access to new features. These new features will help boost workforce productivity.

Using augmented reality and a smartphone, Glass Enterprise will be able to provide a more intuitive video experience. Employees can easily share a video with colleagues. Moreover, they can collaborate on tasks at different facilities. Combined with the Tensor-powered Google Pixel 6 and newer, the Glass Enterprise edition feels like a preview of the future.

Glass Enterprise will also support a new video conferencing app called BlueJeans. The app takes advantage of the 8MP camera on the Glass to provide a rich, immersive audio and video experience. Using the app, users can enjoy 720p HD video and Dolby Voice audio.

Partnership with OpenLoop:

BlueJeans by Verizon is a virtual care platform that combines web conferencing and audio and video capabilities for a streamlined user experience. The platform includes high-fidelity audio and video performance, as well as an industry-leading security solution.

Founded in 2009, BlueJeans is a cloud-based video conferencing application that integrates voice, video, and collaboration tools. It helps organizations improve the efficiency of their television efforts by providing an end-to-end meeting solution.

Originally a web-based, enterprise-grade video conferencing application, BlueJeans has now evolved into a mobile application, offering a powerful suite of features designed for small to midsize organizations. BlueJeans can be used on virtually any web-enabled device.

For example, it can be used for internal messaging, intra-office communication, and client-to-client communications. Its video conferencing and webinar solutions are available on any platform, enabling businesses to easily connect with clients and other stakeholders.

Collaboration best practices:

The BlueJeans by Verizon video conferencing platform is designed to provide a more immersive experience than what is available with traditional video conferencing systems. The platform includes features such as Dolby Voice audio, video streaming, and a slew of mobile and desktop applications. Whether a meeting is virtual or on-site, BlueJeans will work to make it a success.

In an effort to streamline meetings and boost productivity, the BlueJeans Meetings feature is now available on Google Glass. It offers a hands-free video conferencing experience that can be accessed with a side-mounted touchpad. Users can overlay the meeting’s video feed over any type of content.

In addition, the company has launched new as-a-service packaging options for its BlueJeans Rooms conferencing solution. The new features include Android-based endpoints and zero-touch conference room access.

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