Conference Call With Verizon

CWA Sues Verizon For NLR Violations During a Conference Call With Verizon:

The CWA Local 2001 has filed a suit against Verizon for violations of the National Labor Relations Act in connection with a conference call held by the company with representatives of the union. According to the suit, the employees involved in the call were not provided with an opportunity to speak. They were also not given a copy of the recorded call.

CBC staff held a conference call with Verizon and Frontier to address Verizon’s deviation request and its data request response:

In January 2016, the Communications Division (“CD”) held a conference call with Verizon and Frontier California Inc. (Frontier) regarding Verizon’s deviation request and data requests.

The CD reaffirmed its belief that Verizon failed to comply with scenic highway regulations. Additionally, the Commission has found that advanced telecommunications capability has not been deployed in a timely and reasonable manner. As a result, the Commission found that Verizon’s proposed deviation is inconsistent with Resolution T-17397, which mandates that Verizon underground all aerial facilities along scenic highways in California.

Specifically, Verizon stated that its copper facilities would remain overhead even if it undergrounded its fiber cables. CBC has asserted that it’s Digital 395 network provides a viable dark fiber solution for Verizon services in the area. It also claims that Verizon never requested a dark fiber lease quote in the area where the deviation request was made. However, it is unclear what specific costs Verizon identified.

CWA Local 2001 report on indoor air quality issues at a represented Verizon garage:

A report on the indoor air quality of a CWA-represented Verizon garage in Charleston, West Virginia is a tad overdue. A study of the facility’s air quality by Robin Young, an electrical technician, and his supervisor, David LeGrande, found several problems. However, the most serious issue involved leaky ceiling tiles and the introduction of FIOS equipment, a relatively new technology.

In terms of safety, the best solution is to maintain an area around cross-box equipment. Another suggestion is to perform proper vehicle inspections and have your supervisors complete the appropriate paperwork. It should be noted that Verizon does not replace or repair company trucks older than ten years. The good news is that the company has started to pay heed to its unionized workers.

There were several eminently practical suggestions made by participants. For instance, the best course of action is to request insulated gloves and other equipment from Verizon. Other ideas included a thorough investigation of the HVAC system and a sampling of wet materials.

Forward-looking statements in conference calls:

If you’ve ever watched a conference call with Verizon, you’ve likely heard statements that are “forward-looking”. While these statements may include information about future events, they are not a reliable guide to actual results. Consequently, you should not place undue reliance on them. The Company is not required to update these forward-looking statements and assumes no obligation to do so.

In a standard conference call, the company reads its quarterly report and then opens the floor to questions from analysts. Questions often include questions about the business market and competition. During a conference call with Verizon, the CEO or Chairman of the Board is usually asked to comment. They do so in order to provide information about the current status of the business.

For the most part, Verizon is in good shape when it comes to the business market, and they have been growing well for several years. This year, the top line of Verizon Media Group grew double digits. Similarly, wireless subscriber trends have been excellent. However, there has been a recent increase in churn.

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