Vodafone 3 Digit Number

Vodafone 3 Digit Number – How to Block Your Vodafone 3 Digit Number?

If you need help with your Vodafone prepaid number, you can call customer service to get an answer. You can also email them, start a chat with an agent on their website or contact Vodafone via social media. So, read the article to get information on this Vodafone 3 Digit Number.

So, the company is in talks to merge with Three UK, owned by Hong Kong-based CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd. But a raft of regulatory and political hurdles has delayed discussions, according to people familiar with the matter.

Recharge your Vodafone prepaid number:

Vodafone has a vast network and millions of customers use its services. Hence, they have designed various prepaid plans for all types of users.

One of the best ways to recharge your Vodafone prepaid number is through online banking. Here, you can find different prepaid Vodafone plans and recharge them using your debit card or credit card.

You can also recharge your Vodafone prepaid mobile number through UPI. This is an easy and fast way to recharge your Vodafone prepaid account.

You can also save on your Vodafone prepaid recharge using CashKaro. With CashKaro, you can get a 1% reward on every recharge you make.

Get help with your Vodafone prepaid number:

Whether you’re looking to check out the latest in mobile broadband or find the nearest Vodafone store, you can be assured of quality service. There are a few ways to get assistance from a live agent including online chat, email, and phone. In particular, it’s worth checking out the company’s nifty new customer app which is free to use on any device and allows you to manage your accounts and plan your next big mobile journey. It also features a host of other nifty apps such as personalized rewards, mobile payments, and more. In short, it’s the best way to take care of your telephony needs in one place. You can check out a list of the best Vodafone plans on their website, or better yet, download their app.

Get your Vodafone prepaid number ported to another network:

So, the Vodafone prepaid number portability process is a simple process that lets you port your number from one network to another. This facility is available to all mobile subscribers and allows them to change their telecom provider without changing their phone number.


The process takes a maximum of four to seven business days and users can use their existing postpaid or prepaid Vodafone connections during this time. Once the porting is completed, the current Vodafone SIM card will stop working and users will have to insert their new Airtel SIM to get cellular connectivity on their mobile.

To port your Vodafone prepaid number to Airtel, you need to send an SMS request via the messaging app on your mobile device. The message should be sent to 1900 using ‘PORT’ followed by a space and then your 10-digit Vodafone mobile number.

Get your Vodafone prepaid number blocked:

Getting your Vodafone 3 Digit Number blocked is a smart move to prevent scammers, blackmailers, and other fraudsters from using it. Your SIM card is connected to your social media account, apps, and other important details that you may not want others to have access to.

Thankfully, you can easily get your Vodafone prepaid number blocked online or offline. It’s a simple process that requires your registered email ID or alternate phone number to receive an OTP.

So, in addition to this, you can also use Vodafone’s Call Filter service to block unwanted callers. And add them to your personal Blacklist. Once activated, your Blacklist will remain active until you remove or disable it.

Another way to get your Vodafone prepaid number blocked is to visit your nearest Vodafone store. Or Vi-Store and request a customer care executive to block it for you. This is easy and takes just a few minutes, and the charge is 50p for the service.

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