Virgin SIM Only Deals

Virgin SIM Only Deals Reviews:

If you’re thinking about getting a new SIM card, but aren’t sure where to start, read our SIM-only deal reviews. We’ve outlined the features and benefits of each type of plan, including price, Data rollover, Calls, and texts allowance, and a 14-day cooling-off period. Virgin is committed to providing a quality service, so we’ve done our best to find the perfect plan for you. Read this to get more about Virgin SIM Only Deals.

Data rollover:

If you’re tired of paying for extra data each month, Virgin Mobile has made it even easier for you to roll over your unused data to the next month. Data rollover allows you to keep unused data from one month to the next without worrying about unused data charges. This is particularly helpful if you only use the data quota occasionally and don’t want to risk exceeding it. Thankfully, you’ll be able to use the data for other purposes.

Most Virgin SIM-only deals offer data rollover, but it’s important to note that the amount of data you roll over will expire the following month, so you don’t want to go over it every month. That’s because the rollover data will be used before your regular monthly allowance. Another provider, FreedomPop, has a similar scheme, though you’ll have to pay extra for the privilege. FreedomPop also offers data rollover, but you can only rollover data that has already been used in a given month.

Calls and texts allowance:

If you’re considering getting a SIM-only deal from Virgin, you may be wondering what is included in the monthly call and text allowance. These allowances are set by contract, so you can change them as you like, and you can always switch to a better plan next month. The following are some of the benefits of Virgin SIM-only deals. You’ll be able to use the phone as much as you like, and you can upgrade or downgrade your monthly allowance as necessary.

Data rollover is available on Virgin SIM-only deals, but not on PAYG bundles. This feature allows you to roll over your unused data to the next month. However, you must remember that you can only roll over data for a month at a time. So, if you don’t use all of your data in one month, it will roll over to the following month. The rolled-over data will be shown on your bill and in your Virgin mobile app.

14-day cooling-off period:

Unless the offer specifically states that the contract has no cancellation fees, a Virgin SIM-only deal usually has a 14-day cooling-off period. This period is not the same for every plan and may vary between providers. In most cases, however, you will be able to cancel your plan without incurring early termination fees. Therefore, if you don’t like the deal, you can easily cancel it and receive a refund.


Before you can cancel a Virgin Mobile contract, you must understand exactly what the cancellation process entails. The most basic cancellation process is to request a refund of any unused credit from your account. To do this, simply dial a special cancellation code (PAC code) and follow the instructions on the screen. Once your account has been canceled, you will not be able to make calls or send texts. You will also be unable to use your SIM card, send or receive texts and use the internet.


Before making a choice about the Virgin SIM-only price, it is important to know what to expect. Generally, a SIM-only deal costs less than a phone contract, but the price can be higher after a year. Virgin Media is no longer offering pay-as-you-go plans. In that case, you can look for cheaper SIM-only deals. If you are not happy with the price of the Virgin SIM-only deal, you can easily switch to another provider.

The low price of Virgin SIM-only plans is tempting, but you have to remember that this is a one-off deal and you will be paying for it for the rest of your contract. In addition, a Virgin Mobile SIM-only price includes unlimited social media data and a decent data rollover scheme. Virgin also offers a discount for family plans, especially for those with TV and broadband packages. Usually, you will get your SIM card via Royal Mail, and there are various sizes available to fit into your phone. Sadly, Virgin Mobile does not offer eSIMs, but it does have a good deal of other advantages.


If you’re looking for a new mobile network with a low upfront cost, Virgin Mobile might be a good option. This network tags onto the EE network, which is one of the best in the country. It boasts 99.9% coverage of the population for voice calls and 99% coverage for 3G and 4G data. It’s also rolling out a 5G network to its customers who opt for the higher-priced plans.

There are several pay monthly plans available from Virgin Mobile. These plans can range from as low as PS2 a month to unlimited data. Pay monthly plans also tend to be flexible and can be changed every month. You can also choose to have your device included or not, which makes these plans cheaper overall. When choosing a network, always make sure you look into what plan you need and what’s included. For instance, a plan with unlimited data is better than a plan that includes a phone.

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