Skype Group Video Call Time Limit Free

How to Get Around the Skype Group Video Call Time Limit Free:

The first thing to know is that Skype has a time limit on group video calls. A Skype group video call can only be up to 100 people and can only be made within 24 hours. To avoid this, you can install a web-based program that will allow you to make calls. After you’ve installed the web-based program, you can begin making video calls, but remember that the time limit is only 24 hours. Read the article to get information on  Skype Group Video Call Time Limit Free.


Skype and Zoom both offer video calling, but there are some differences between them. Zoom offers many more features, but Skype’s 50-member limit is not a problem for most consumers. Skype is primarily a consumer application, whereas Zoom is best suited for businesses, with deep business features and high-participant support. Here’s a look at the pros and cons of both services.

Both programs are free to use, though they do come with limitations on how long you can hold a group video call and how many people can participate. Free users can host group meetings for up to 40 minutes while paying subscribers can conduct unlimited one-on-one calls. Both options are excellent for conducting business meetings with multiple stakeholders. Both services offer file and screen sharing, and you can even record a call. For more advanced features, check out the premium versions.

Both services are easy to use, but Zoom is better at meeting business needs. You don’t need to install an app or create an account to start a conference call. Additionally, Zoom offers advanced text and voice tools and is compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and web browsers. There are some security concerns with Zoom, though. Last year, 500,000 customer accounts were stolen. However, this has been resolved.

Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is a popular free video calling application from the tech giant. It offers features including group messaging, file sharing, and video calls. While it is designed for businesses and enterprises, consumers may want to use it for casual video chats with friends.

Skype allows up to 150 participants in a video call, while Hangouts supports up to ten people at a time. Hangouts require users to have a Google account to join, but those who don’t have an account can still join. In addition to video calling, both services offer voice calls. However, both options have their advantages and disadvantages.


The main advantage of Hangouts is its lack of ads, which can be an inconvenience if you are talking to several people. Skype is also more visually appealing, with a sleeker design that is easier on the eyes. The downsides of Hangouts, however, are that you won’t be able to make group video calls with your entire company.

Jitsi Meet:

A Jitsi Meet is a software application that allows users to hold video conferences for free with up to 100 people. So, Jitsi meets no time limit, requires no installation, and supports multiple platforms. You can send texts, emails, and instant messages. The service is free to download and runs on Swiss servers.

It allows you to manage the participants in the meeting and keep track of the progress. Jitsi Meet is an open-source alternative to Skype and is compatible with Macs and Windows PCs. A free Zoom account allows for up to 40 minutes of video conference time, as well as unlimited one-on-one calls.

You can also host meetings with up to 1,000 participants with the Zoom large meetings add-on. The biggest difference between Zoom and Jitsi is the runtime of video meetings. Zoom doesn’t have a time limit, but you can’t hold more than 30 hours of meetings with unlimited participants.


There’s a time limit on the number of minutes you can spend on a group video call. Skype offers a free trial of 40 minutes. Zoom, meanwhile, has a 40-minute limit. Both are popular video conferencing solutions, but Zoom offers more features. Depending on your needs, you can extend a Skype group video call time limit to 10 hours. In most cases, the maximum length of a Skype group video call is four hours.

Despite its name, Skype’s group video calls are completely free, and can include up to 25 participants. Users can create and join groups, and then re-create calls and video sessions. Once you’re done, you can end the call by clicking the “End Call” button. Skype automatically determines the quality of the video and audio. During a group video call, you don’t need to repeat the name of each participant.

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