SIM Only Deals

SIM Only Deals and Cashback For SIM Only Plans:

Looking for a SIM-only deal but unsure of what plan to get? If so, then this article is for you! I’ve put together a list of the best deals available, as well as how to get Cashback for SIM-only plans. I hope this information helps you choose the best plan for your needs! Keep reading for more information! Let’s start with data.

The average mobile phone user requires two to three gigabytes of data per month, which covers basic activities like checking email, surfing the internet, and updating social media accounts. But if you like streaming music or video, you’ll need more than that.

Pay-as-you-go SIM card:

A Pay-as-you-go SIM is a type of mobile phone plan in which you pay for data, texts, and voice calls as you use them. This option offers a variety of benefits, including the ability to switch carriers anytime you wish. However, it is important to remember that using a pay-as-you-go SIM card involves some risk. There are several things to look out for when choosing a plan.

The first thing to consider when looking for a pay-as-you-go SIM card is the plan. Different networks offer different pay-as-you-go plans that are tailored to different budgets and usage patterns. Make sure to consider how much data you plan to use on your pay-as-you-go plan before you purchase. Data-heavy cards tend to be cheaper than smaller ones. iD Mobile and Vodafone both offer unlimited pay-as-you-go plans.

Although pay-as-you-go SIM cards are not necessary for international travel, many people find them easier to use when traveling. Unlike contracts, these plans allow you to buy minutes in advance and add them as needed, as long as you stay within your plan’s validity. Additionally, you can switch phones without losing your number if you so desire. Pay-as-you-go plans are generally more expensive than flat fee plans and contract plans. However, they are a great option when traveling.

SIM only contract:

Unlike the normal phone contract, a SIM-only contract is not tied to a long-term agreement. It can be repaid on time, which means you’ll have a better chance of getting approved if you’re approved for a SIM-only contract. You can even get approved if you have a low credit score compared to a handset contract.

There are some things to keep in mind before signing a SIM-only contract, though. SIM-only contract deals usually last for 30 days, but you can switch every month if you find a better deal or a stronger signal at home. However, you might need to give enough notice before switching contracts so that you’re not charged an early termination fee.


Mobile phone providers are always competing for your business and it’s up to you to find the best deal. There are many benefits to switching SIM-only contracts. However, be aware that it may not be the best idea for everyone.

Changing the mobile networks isn’t difficult, though. Most providers offer SIM-only deals, and you may be able to save more than 50% of your monthly bill for the first six months. On a 24-month plan, you’ll pay PS11 for unlimited data allowance in months one to six, and PS22 from month seven. Three also gives you a free PS100 pre-paid Mastercard if you switch to the network.

Cashback on SIM-only plans:

If you’re considering a new phone and want to save money, then cashback phone deals are for you. These offers allow you to claim a portion of the cost of your new phone back, either automatically or via redemption. These offers work well for many people because they let them choose the exact phone they want and still remain under budget.

Many cashback phone deals are available with the option to trade in your old phone and receive cashback later. If you’re looking for a cashback deal, keep in mind that it can be complex to redeem. In some cases, these deals can be invalidated if you’ve broken any conditions, which means you’re out of luck.

Fortunately, you can make the process of redeeming the money a lot simpler. The first step is to download and upload a PDF of your phone bill. After this, you can deposit the cheque through a mobile banking app, saving you the hassle of going to the bank and waiting in line.


There are no seasonal rhythms to the SIM Only industry, meaning that you can purchase a SIM Only plan anytime you want. However, many major companies offer big reductions around certain times of the year, particularly around Cyber Monday and Black Friday.

If you’re looking for a cashback SIM-only plan, make sure to check out Virgin Mobile’s cashback offer. There are also plenty of deals available through other mobile phone networks, so make sure to shop around and compare prices.

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