Polycom Conference Phone

Polycom Conference Phones:

If you are in the market for a new Polycom conference phone, you have come to the right place. Polycom has a number of models on the market, including the VoiceStation 500, Duo, and SoundStation IP 7000. Read on for more information and to compare the features of each also.

You’ll find that a Polycom conference phone will suit your needs and budget. You’ll also discover why so many people love Polycom products.

SoundStation IP 7000:

The Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 conference telephone delivers a robust feature set and outstanding performance on SIP-based VoIP platforms. So It is the most advanced conference phone ever developed and is an ideal solution for conference rooms and executive offices.

Its Polycom HD Voice technology helps to reduce listener fatigue, boost productivity, and make ordinary conference calls crystal-clear and interactive conversations. Meanwhile, To learn more about this conference phone, read on. The Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 is an advanced tabletop conference phone that delivers excellent performance on SIP-based VoIP platforms.

This tabletop device is perfect for medium-size offices, conference rooms, and boardrooms. It is also able to accommodate up to 20 users at once. And because it is compatible with SIP and IP networks, you can be confident that the system will work with your SIP-based VoIP platform.

SoundStation 2:

Polycom’s SoundStation2 analog conference phone is designed for use in smaller and medium rooms and offers exceptional voice quality. So, the phone has up to 10 participants and provides audio processing functions. It comes with a keypad and wall module that houses power and telephone line interfaces.

The Polycom Conference Phone SoundStation 2 is a great option for small and medium businesses. So, Here are some tips to optimize your conference call experience. The Polycom SoundStation2 is an expandable conference phone that allows off-site colleagues to participate in meetings.


Its Acoustic Clarity technology delivers crystal-clear voice clarity and reduces background noise. Users can hear each other clearly even if they are 10 feet away from each other. The expandable microphone jacks enable participants to use their cell phones as a part of the meeting. This phone also comes with a variety of standard phone features.

VoiceStation 500:

For small meetings with three or four participants, the Polycom VoiceStation 500 is a great option. With a seven-foot range, the phone is perfect for small rooms. Its compact industrial design and Bluetooth capabilities make it easy to use in the office. The phone is a great solution for offices that want a simple way to keep track of conference participants.

Whether you’re looking for a small conference phone to use in the office or a larger one for large conferences, this conference phone will suit your needs. The VoiceStation 500 can connect to PCs, mobile phones, and Skype. It also has a 2.5mm applications port, which doubles as a headset connector.

It also has a data port that allows you to connect to a computer modem, fax machine, and phone. If you’re a business professional, you can easily use the phone to make phone calls from your laptop. Its Bluetooth capabilities will help you keep your meeting running smoothly, and the device is compatible with the most popular wireless routers.

VoiceStation Duo:

The Dual-Mode Polycom VoiceStation Duo is the only dual-mode conference phone to offer unsurpassed deployment flexibility and investment protection. Ideal for mid-sized and small conference rooms, the Duo delivers the legendary audio performance and Polycom standards-based interoperability.

With its sleek design and simple operation, you can make calls with up to five people in one room. So it manages all of your conference calls without a single mouse click. With an IP connection and analog backup, the SoundStation Duo offers superior voice quality and advanced audio processing.


Its HD Voice technology enables users to hear voices clearly even in noisy environments. Wideband audio and acoustic echo cancellation make this a great choice for small and mid-sized rooms. The SoundStation Duo supports expansion microphones.

A variety of accessories are available for the Polycom VoiceStation Duo, including microphone stand kits and adapters. Now the above post provides you with the complete detail of Polycom Conference Phone. So read this post till the end to get all updates above Polycom Conference Phone.

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