Microsoft Teams Download for Linux

Microsoft Teams for Linux:

Microsoft Teams is available for Linux users in public preview. Enabling high-quality collaboration experiences for the open-source community at work and in educational institutions. The Microsoft Teams client is the first Microsoft 365 app that is coming to Linux desktops. It will support all of Teams core capabilities. If your work requires using a Linux distribution (For example Ubuntu, Debian, or Red Hat). You no longer need to use Windows 11 (or Windows 10) to connect with colleagues at work since Microsoft Teams is also available on Linux.

Microsoft Teams for Linux provides so many features when you download and install it on your Linux. These features include chat, video meetings, calling, and collaboration on Office documents from your Microsoft 365. Microsoft Teams is a communication platform used for Meetings and Collaboration. Generally, it is used by companies and individuals working on projects.

Microsoft Teams For Linux Download:

Microsoft Teams is an excellent tool to carry out projects in the workspace. Recently, Microsoft launched Teams for Linux. It means that no matter what OS you are on, Android or Mac and now Linux. Whether you are stuck at your desktop or on the go, you can directly connect to MS Teams app through any device.

Teams for Linux is available as an official Microsoft Teams client for Linux-based operating systems now. Microsoft Teams is especially effective for remote collaboration since it connects and communicates with scattered teams of workers. The COVID-19 outbreak prompted enterprises across the world to make considerable use of Microsoft Teams. This write-up is focussing on how to download and install Microsoft Teams on the latest version of Linux. To install Microsoft Teams Download for Linux, you need three things.


What you will need to Install Microsoft Teams on Linux:

  1. A running instance of a Linux Desktop.
  2. A user with sudo privileges.
  3. The free instsller file.

Microsoft Teams Linux Supported OS:

  • CentOS 8
  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • RHEL 8
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Fedora 32
  • Ubuntu 16.04

How to Download and Install Microsoft Teams for Linux:

Here we will tell you how to download and install Microsoft Teams for Linux with complete details. Keep following the steps to download and install it.

  1. Download the latest version of Microsoft Teams for Linux from the top of this post.
  2. Click the Linux DEB download button. (If you have a distribution like Red Hat that required a different installer, use the Linux RPM download button).
  3. Save the file on the computer.
  4. Double-click the file to launch the installer.
  5. Click the Install button.
  6. Now follow on screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  7. After you complete the steps, Microsoft Team for Linux will install. And it will available from the app menu.
  8. Now enjoy the app.

Download Link:

Microsoft Teams are one of the best applications When it comes to online meetings and collaboration with a group of people or individuals. The reason is that the audio and video quality is excellent. Also, you can share any kind of file with others. It comes with two-level security and data encryption and all your data such as chats and documents can be moved to the cloud for safety purposes.

Its graphical user interface is very intuitive and user-friendly as well. So if you are looking for such an application in Linux then you should definitely consider this. We provide you with the best official latest download link for you. Start to download free from here and enjoy Microsoft Teams on Linux.

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