Google Meet Limit Time

How Does Google Meet Limit Time Affect Free Users?

If you are using Google Meet, you are probably wondering if the new limit time for group calls is a good idea or not. Google recently lowered the limit for group calls from 60 minutes to five. While this limitation is not ideal for long group calls, it does make sense given the dynamics of a workday.

Regardless, you should know that you can generate the Meet link again if you need to extend your meeting beyond the allotted time. It will help you to have a free meeting with your friends and followers. Read this post till the end to know more about Google Meet Limit Time.


60-Minute limit on Group Calls:

You have probably noticed that Google is imposing a 60-minute time limit on group calls on Google Meet. Previously, Google waived these time limits for free users. However, since the pandemic hit the tech industry, Google is reimposing the time limit to free accounts.

You can still make free calls, but you’ll have to wait an extra 24 hours to do so. Here’s how to avoid running into this issue: First, it’s worth noting that group calls with three or more participants are considered group calls.

Unlike one-on-one calls, group calls on Google Meet are limited to 60 minutes. If your call goes over that limit, you’ll have to re-generate the link to continue the conversation. This won’t be a problem for free Gmail users, as they’re still able to hold one-on-one calls.

A number of Participants Per Meeting:

The time limit on video calls for free users of Google Meet is 60 minutes. Google decides whether to extend this time limit. Free users can only hold one meeting with 100 participants. The paid version of Google Meet allows you to have unlimited meetings with unlimited participants.

It also offers recording options and supports up to 100,000 viewers. But how does the time limit affect free users? Read on to find out! And don’t worry if your team isn’t large enough for more than 100 participants! Before, only G Suite users could host a Google Meet meeting.

That was until April 2020. But now all Google users can use this service. And as of today, the limit on the number of participants is ten for free and 100 for Enterprise users. As long as you have enough storage, you can host as many meetings as you need. Google’s new limit will help you get the most out of your meeting.

Impact on Single-Person Meetings:

If you are planning a meeting with a single participant, you may be concerned about the impact of Google Meet’s limited time. The feature prevents external users from joining meetings before the scheduled start time. Because these users are not in the domain and do not receive calendar invitations, they cannot join a meeting more than fifteen minutes before its scheduled start time.

Google is currently testing whether it will extend this limit. When Google Meet launched, it had a 24-hour video call limit for group video calls. Later, it increased the cap to one hour for free users, which was unpopular with many.

Originally, the video call limit was supposed to be unlimited from April to September 30, 2020. Google had twice extended the date, but the limit is still in place. Those who haven’t used the service yet should avoid it.

Impact on Small Business Users:

The new limit time for group video calls on Google Meet will affect free users, but one-on-one calls aren’t affected. It is still possible to use Meet for free for up to 60 minutes – just make sure you’re using the latest version.


The time limit applies only to group calls involving more than three participants – one-on-one video calls are free. You can make an additional 60-minute call with a paid Google Workspace plan. While most small business users are probably concerned about the impact of the new limit, the service is still secure enough to be a viable option.


Many small businesses already use Gmail to handle communications. Google Meet has an added bonus: it’s already built into widely-used Gmail software, so most users should have no problem using it. And with its free trial, there’s no risk of breaking the terms of service.

Google Meet is best for a conference call. So use it for making any conference call with your participants. Google Meet Limit Time is also can be increased by purchasing an extra limit for your meeting.

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