Free Text App For Android

Free Text App For Android:

If you’re looking for a free text app for Android, there are a few great options out there. Microsoft’s texting app, for instance, is an up-and-comer. While it doesn’t send free text messages, it does let you send and receive texts from multiple devices.

TextMe Up:

This application allows you to send and receive text messages for free. It offers messaging capabilities for both local and international numbers. You can even send pictures and videos via this app. You can even customize the app’s color scheme.

Messages also support dual-SIM smartphones, which are popular in Asia and Europe. This app also has a sophisticated conversation search feature. You can also add more than one number to a conversation, and switch between them without touching the phone.

Unlike other paid apps, free texting apps usually come with a monthly limit. After that limit, you’ll be charged a fee. If you want unlimited texting, you should consider using TextNow. It’s considered one of the best free texting apps. However, some users have reported issues with the app. TextNow also allows you to subscribe to a text plan that doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection.

Another option is Simple SMS Messenger, which stores your messages in one place. You can organize your messages by topic or contact. The app also integrates with Google Voice, which means you can send text messages through Gmail instead of sending phone calls. In addition to these features, Simple SMS Messenger is an open-source app. It also allows you to search for messages.

Simple SMS Messenger:

Simple SMS Messenger is an open-source text messaging app that supports all major text messaging features without asking for too many permissions. It also supports MMS and group messaging, muting conversations, blocking unwanted numbers, and backup support. It also follows the Material Design aesthetic and has a search feature and various customization options.


This app is very simple to use and has a small download size of only 3.9MB. It has all the major texting features you could want, including emojis, group chats, and delayed text sending. It also has several premium features, including scheduled messages, desktop notifications, and auto-forwarding.

QKSMS is another simple text app that boasts an eye-catching interface. It supports MMS and multi-SIM and is ad-free. It also offers features such as photo-taking and location sharing and allows you to back up and restore your messages. This app also comes with a variety of customization options, including a night mode and a blocklist. In addition to these features, it’s free and ad-free, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

Google Voice:

The Google Voice free text app for Android is a very practical application that will streamline the way you manage your phone number. You can combine many phone numbers and even make phone calls on your computer. It also features call forwarding and lets you record your messages so you can listen to them later. Google Voice also has a transcriber for audio messages and allows you to send voice messages to email.

  • To set up Google Voice, sign in to your Google account and then follow the instructions. Google Voice differs from other voice chat apps because your callers see your Google Voice number instead of your mobile phone number. In addition, you can decide if you want your calls to go through Google Voice or if they should go through your mobile phone. The app will also let you select whether you want Google Voice to make all of your calls or only international calls. In addition, you can set it so it asks you each time you make a call.
  • Once you’ve set up your Google Voice account, you can use the app on any platform.
  • You can also use the Google Voice web browser extension to send messages to anyone on any platform.
  • Also, you can search through your text archives. If you’d like to send large GIFs or images, you’ll need to use a different app for this.

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