Can I Make a free Phone Call Online

How Can I Make a Free Phone Call Online?

Fortunately, it’s possible to make a free phone call online from any computer. You can use one of the numerous websites that offer VoIP calls, such as Globephone, which doesn’t require extensions or plugins. All you need to do is open a web page, click on “Free call“, and give the site permission to communicate with the other party. Another internet phone service is Call2Friends, which has both a free and a paid plan. This site is also very user-friendly and requires no extra software.

A voice from Google:

If you’re a Google Account customer, you may want to try Voice from Google. It gives you a phone number that will work in the U.S., as well as in Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Google also offers Voice to customers of Google Workspace. It is a free service that lets you set up a phone number for your Google Account and use it to communicate with colleagues, clients, and others.

Google Voice has several benefits for business owners. First of all, it simplifies the management of multiple phone numbers. Many people own a personal cell phone number, a landline, and a business cell phone. Using Google Voice makes it possible to answer calls from all of those phone numbers using a single phone. The service also syncs across all of your devices, allowing you to keep track of your calls on any device. Additionally, you can port in an existing phone number from another carrier.


The TextNow app is free to download and allows you to make and receive calls in the US and Canada. The app also supports emojis, stickers, and photos. You can even send videos. However, if you live outside the U.S., you should check if the app is available in your country.

You can make unlimited free calls and send unlimited free text messages with TextNow. However, the service does not include data. The calls use voice-over-IP cellular data instead of traditional cellular data. Other apps require you to purchase data or Wi-Fi to make and receive calls.


Ievaphone is an application that allows you to make free calls from your mobile phone to another phone number. To make a call, you will need a web browser with an Adobe Flash player installed. Then, you will need to visit the Ievaphone website, select the US from the country list, and enter the number you would like to call. Once you’ve entered the number, you’ll need to wait a few seconds for the phone to connect.


You can use Ievaphone to make free calls to almost any number in the world. It does not require you to install any special software on your computer, and you don’t need to register to make free calls. It also works on all operating systems that support Adobe Flash player. You can even use the service on 3G connections if you have a broadband connection.


PopTox is a web service that allows users to make free phone calls from the internet to landlines and mobile phones. This service uses proprietary VOIP and emerging web technologies to route calls. Users do not have to download an app to use PopTox; they only need an internet connection and a modern web browser.

PopTox is a browser-based VOIP service that lets you make free phone calls from any computer. The best part is that it works on any phone. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can use the service to call anywhere in the world. The only downside is that you are limited to a certain number of free calls a day, but there is no need to worry about overspending. PopTox has one of the lowest monthly fees for international calls.


Whether you want to talk to a friend or family member from around the world, you can now make free phone calls online using CitrusTel, a web-based communication platform. This service works with Chrome and Opera browsers, and there are no plug-ins to download. Instead, you simply log in to your account and click on the ‘Make a Call’ button. The service will then connect you to the other party’s phone number, and the two of you can start talking.

CitrusTel’s free phone calls are available in over 200 countries and territories. To use CitrusTel, all you need is a working internet connection and a mobile or laptop browser. This service is very secure, and you will never need to worry about your call being intercepted.


If you’ve been wondering how to make a free phone call online, TextFree has all the answers you need. It’s an app that allows you to make free calls and texts, as well as send free MMS and videos. The service also allows you to set up a custom phone number that only you can use to make calls. You can even send group messages and set up a custom voicemail! However, it’s important to note that Textfree only works in the United States.

This service works with many mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Once you download the app, you’ll need to create an account and provide personal information such as gender, age, and GPS location. Once you’ve completed all of this, you’ll be able to make a free phone call online. You can even text or call other TextFree users, and you can even make free calls on your phone from anywhere in the world. Just make sure you’ve got a stable Internet connection before trying it out!

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