Unlimited Free Calls to India Online

Unlimited Free Calls to India Online:

If you want to make unlimited free calls to India online, you need to sign up for a good VoIP service. You can use a service like iEvaphone for making free calls to India. There are many benefits of this service. For one, you don’t need to spend money on hardware that doesn’t work, as it uses your web browser to make calls.

To get started, you will need a high-speed Internet connection, a microphone headphones, and a browser with an adobe flash player. Most browsers have flash support, so you shouldn’t have any trouble using iEvaphone.


Making unlimited free calls to India online is possible with VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Traditionally, regular landline and mobile service providers charge expensive rates to make calls to other countries, such as India. However, the advent of internet telephony (VOIP) has made international phone calls cheaper than ever.

In fact, most Americans spend thousands of dollars each year to make calls to India. Luckily, there’s a better way – using an online service like PopTox. A browser-based application, PopTox allows users to make free international calls from any internet-enabled device.

Users can use the service from any standard web browser and there’s no need to download anything. It also works with Android tablets, iPhones, and iPads. Unlike other VOIP services, PopTox offers unlimited international calls for free, without the need for registration, downloads, or even credit cards.


If you are in India and want to call a friend or family member, then you can use the iEvaphone website. It offers free calls to India. All you need to do is enter the mobile number and the country code of the other party. There is no need for a third-party application, registration, or credit card details.


Moreover, you don’t have to worry about spamming or spam emails from the service. Using iEvaphone is free for both landlines and mobile phones. All you need is a PC with an internet connection and an adobe flash player to use the service.

The quality of the call is excellent and you will not face interruptions during the call. There are a few limitations though. You are limited to 4 free calls a day. Moreover, you will have to provide the country code in order to call a landline.


With Globfone, you can make unlimited free calls to India online without installing any app or plugin. You can use this service right in your web browser, so you don’t have to worry about slowing down your computer. One thing you have to remember, though, is that the service does run on advertisements.

These help the service remain free. To make sure, you’ll need to read the fine print. Globfone allows users to make unlimited free calls to any mobile phone in India. Its service does not require registration and does not collect any personal information. Globfone also offers video chatting and free texts.

The only drawbacks to Globfone are the fact that you can only make so many calls per day, and the quality is not as good as it is with traditional phone service. However, the service comes with a free Android app.


With ViMo Unlimited free calls to India online, you can enjoy unlimited free calls to India. This service works in any country and you can make cheap outgoing calls to India, as well. ViMo has no contract and no hidden charges. With unlimited free calls to India, you can test the service with a friend or family member.

You can even share your free number with others. The best part is, you can call as many people as you want, and get unlimited service. There are many advantages of using ViMo Unlimited for free calls to India. These features include free phone numbers, unlimited calling, and call blocking.

The app is very user-friendly and easy to use. ViMo Unlimited free calls to India online will help you keep your budget in check. You can call up to a dozen countries at a time for free. ViMo is one of the best ways to stay connected with your family and friends in India and other countries.


You can now make unlimited free calls to India online. Unlike other online phone services, LINE does not require you to install any application on your mobile phone. You can make these calls from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

To make a free call, all you need to do is visit the LINE website. The website will display a widget on the screen. Click on the country you’d like to call and enter the number and country code. After that, click on the dial button and the free call will be connected.


Once you’ve installed LINE Unlimited, you can make free calls to India from your computer. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection. You’ll also need some accessories, such as headphones and a microphone. This service is a great way to get started and stay connected to the world. It’s a simple, free way to stay in touch with loved ones and make free calls to India.

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